MickaCoo’s Palomacy at Maddie’s SF Adoptathon

MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue volunteers Margie, Jill, Clare, Brittany, Max, Kelly and director Elizabeth introduced lots of wonderful folks to the plight and potential of rescued pigeons. We were assisted by the Palomacy of Snow, Valiant, Lovie, Lopez, Opal and Corinna. Maddie’s Fund helps thousands of cats & dogs get adopted and grants millions of dollars to rescues & shelters in support of dog & cat rescue but not for the “others”. We need a “Maddie’s Fund” to help the other animals- rabbits, birds, rodents. They are in shelters and rescues and at risk of death for lack of homes just like the dogs and cats. They too are worthy of compassion. MickaCoo thanks Maddie’s for all they do for dogs and cats and we look forward to finding a partner that will help “the others”.


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  1. we are a group of pigeon breeders; retired, from U.S.and U.K. who are interested in adopting fancy pigeons or doves to enjoy.
    Thanks , David


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