Lovey Dovey Birdhouses

Guest Blog Post by Jean Getsi, Creator of Lovey Dovey Birdhouses

Jean has generously donated two Lovey Dovey Birdhouses to MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue to sell as fundraisers. $45 + shipping for each and all proceeds benefit MickaCoo! Comment below to buy yours.

Lovey Dovey Birdhouses

Lovey Dovey Birdhouses

Birds have always been a joy in my life and it’s great to share this excitement with others.

The first time I noticed pigeons on the roof of our house, I was 7 years old and it was a cool, crisp morning in March. The pigeons were cooing and spinning in circles, flying from the roof of our house to the roof of our garage and back. I was surprised to see the color variation. We had white pigeons, brown, black, gray and a various mix of colors.

I soon realized they were not afraid of us, and as my elder brothers and sisters would throw feed on the ground, the pigeons would fly down and feed within a foot or so of us. I was amazed at how tame these birds were and in awe of how beautiful they were. A year or so later a pigeon breeder came and took all the birds away saying that some of his birds were mixed with ours, and claimed all of our birds.

I missed these birds when they were gone, I missed the sounds the colors and their tame behavior.

Later when I was twelve years old a friend from school acquired a pigeon from someone he knew. He’s parents wanted him to get rid of the bird and it was probably the best thing for the bird. He used to tie a string around one of the bird’s feet and let it fly in circles. I couldn’t believe he didn’t see this as inhumane.

I took the pigeon home and instead of keeping it in a coop for two to three weeks to adjust to its new home. I kept it in a box for 24 hrs. The next day I let it fly outside. The bird flew off for an hour and returned, I decided to name him Boomerang, since he had returned so soon. I’m lucky he came back at all seeing how I’d had him for such a short period of time.

I had Boomerang for many years and was amazed at his tameness. My parents let me keep the pigeon in a small bird cage in our house and when I would let him outside, he would hover in front of the widows of the house until someone would let him in. Boomerang was so tame that I could go outside, stoop down to the ground with my hand out and he would walk to me.

In the years since, I’ve captured and released several pigeons. Some of these were stunned from being hit by cars. These usually took just a few days before releasing. Others had injured wings and took several weeks before they could be released. Today I have two pigeons in a small coop, Ruby & Ralph. Ruby lost part of her wing, possibly due to an encounter with a tree limb, and Ralph had been hit by the windshield of a car. The two are now mates. Neither can fly and they are not releasable.

Ruby & Ralph

Ruby & Ralph

Through the years I have enjoyed watching pigeons, doves, and every other bird under the sun. Birds have been such a blessing in my life, I can’t imagine how dull life would be without them.

I’ve made many types of bird houses in the past, and always looked with anticipation to see if the birds would take to the new homes I would build for them.

Doves love their Lovey Dovey Birdhouses

Doves love their Lovey Dovey Birdhouses

Over the past five years, I’ve been experimenting with an open bird house for doves and have found that doves too, will take to bird houses. I was delighted to see that the doves took to these dove houses so well, and decided to start building these dove houses and selling them online. For more information about the dove houses, please check us out at

Dove Babies

Dove Babies at home in their Lovey Dovey Birdhouse

Thank you Elizabeth and MickaCoo for all your efforts in the rescue and rehoming of pigeons and doves.

Sincerely, Jean Getsi

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Thank you, Jean & Lovey Dovey Birdhouses for your generous support of MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue!



  1. I’ll buy one of the lovey-dovey bird houses (to attach to my house to attract wild doves!)

    • Sold! You get the first one, Helen! I can ship or save for when we next connect in person. Which would you prefer?

  2. I’m interested in purchasing one to benefit MickaCoo, if they are still available! :) What a neat idea! Let me know what the next steps would be.

    I enjoyed reading Jean’s story and appreciate the hard work and dedication of everyone at MickaCoo. I know it’s difficult when you are in the rescue business. I’m a proud Mom to my feral pigeon that rescued me a couple of years ago. I can’t imagine life without my RoRo. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Gina

    • Sold, you get the second (and last) one, Gina! Thank you for supporting MickaCoo! And thank you for your kind words and for rescuing RoRo! Please email me your shipping address and then, once we figure out the cost, you can pay via donation at our Donate page

  3. i would like 2 if you think they would fit inside the flight cage that my doves are in.

    • Hi, Marsha! I do think they would fit though they are heavy and will need some picture hanger hooks or something like that added to the back to then attach (zip-tie?) to the cage? Please contact Jean directly at I know he’ll be happy to help you! Please tell him MickaCoo sent you!


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