Everybody Needs Friends

Everybody Needs Friends

This famous photo of a lonely pigeon who befriended an orphaned rhesus macaque* speaks to the strength found in friendship. MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue also finds great strength in the support of our friends and together, we are doing what we could not alone. We are accomplishing life-saving and culture-changing work. And now we have a new tool with which to do it.

Long-time members may recall our old E-mail group. We used it to post rescue and volunteer requests, ask questions and share insights amongst volunteers and adopters. In all the changes and challenges of our transition from being a department within Mickaboo to becoming our own independent rescue, it fell out of use, despite its value for communicating amongst ourselves.

I am very happy to announce that we are now launching a new E-mail group: and, if you’re a volunteer, foster care provider or adopter, we hope you will participate. (You can choose to receive E-mails in real time, as a once-daily digest or opt out at any time.)

To subscribe, please click here. And then, when you have a question or idea or assistance to offer in support of the birds we help and the people that love them, just send an E-mail to

Welcome Page

Welcome Page

Yay!!! We look forward to welcoming you to MickaCoo’s Volunteers & Adopters E-mail Group. It is thanks to your assistance- your time and talents and compassion- that we are able to comfort and save so many pigeons and doves in need. This group will allow us to communicate quickly & easily when birds need our help.

*To read the story called, “The Macaque and the Dove, check out Jennifer Holland’s book Unlikely Friendships.


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