911 Pigeon Rescue

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When the Good Samaritan arrived at my house on Friday night, he had two boxes taped shut with a total of ten pigeons inside. SFACC shelter staff had tried their best to persuade him to bring the birds to them the night before but nothing they said could convince him that they would help rather than kill the pigeons.

When we had spoken on the phone, I had offered to pick up the pigeons he was surrendering but he didn’t trust me either and wanted to see where they were going. I appreciate that concern and wish that more had it. Too often people blithely hand over their birds with very little knowledge of where they are going. But I was not at all happy that ten pigeons, including three sick squeakers squeezed in with angry adults, were in the small, filthy boxes.

And there were more. He had saved 20 King & Carneau pigeons from being killed as poultry and had set loose the other ten at a shopping center parking lot the night before. He had mistakenly assumed that because feral pigeons lived there, that these domestic pigeons would be alright. They weren’t. He realized almost immediately that he had made a mistake when he saw the pigeons being nearly run over by cars.

I quickly settled the seven adult pigeons in one foster cage and the three sick babies in a crate and then we drove to the parking lot to see if we could save any of the birds he had left there the night before.

We found and caught two and a third, with a broken wing, was rescued by one of several volunteers who had also searched to try and rescue these birds but seven are still unaccounted for and have most likely been killed by hawks if not run over.

We were already full up with 100 birds in foster care but these birds needed our help- immeditately. This was 911. And so now we have 113 birds in our care. The new birds include three fledglings- Daisy, Max and Sparrow. A big, old picked-on and sick adult I’ve named George (though I think she’s actually a hen), broke-wing, poor-appetite Hester (currently sitting in my lap after a hand-fed dinner), a pair of Carneaus I call Red Man & Lucy, and the others yet to be named. Each and every one of these birds clings to their aliveness as much as any other being. They are cheering up and getting better. We need foster homes and adopters for them and of course donations to sustain this work.

YOU saved these birds. MickaCoo is a manifestation of your support and involvement.

Thank you. Thank you for saving these innocents.

Elizabeth Young, founder & executive director

The pigeons were kept in the boxes for two days

The pigeons were in the boxes for two days


Scared & miserable

Two "released" pigeons we were able to recover from the parking garage

Two “released” pigeons we were able to recover from the parking garage

The adults cheering up & feeling better already

The adults cheering up & feeling better already

Broke-wing Hester gets a wing-wrap from Dr. Gillespie

Broke-wing Hester gets a wing-wrap from Dr. Gillespie

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  1. Please help we have a semi tame Lahore pigeon that has looks like a broken wing . Had it for two days now. How can we get help a to catch and treat him. He has a partner she is a racing pigion . Long story.

    • Please corner and catch this pigeon ASAP. (If her wing is broken, she can’t fly, right?) She will not survive very much longer out in the world. Also, please reach out to pigeon rescuers in the UK for help. We are in SF, CA, USA and too far away to be of any help. Here’s a link to a wonderful pigeon rescue resource in the UK: http://www.pigeonrescue.co.uk I’ve also emailed two pigeon rescuers that I know of in the UK who will contact you directly if they have other assistance to offer. Please- catch the pigeon and help her! (There’s some info here as well- http://www.pigeonrescue.org/resources/in-case-of-emergency/)

      Good luck,

  2. I really hope someone can help me or at least offer advice. I live in a typical SF condo with very little space between my condo and a large apartment building. A baby pigeon got stuck in the space (apx. 3 feet and enclosed by garages on one end and with a 7 story building to get to the open sky.) He appears healthy and his amazing mom keeps coming down, not easy for her to maneuver, to feed him. He tucks between some boards each night. I am afraid to move him because his mom might not find him due to the building set up. I worry if I leave him he can’t possibly learn to fly with no room to try his wings. Please help. Thanks Julia

    • Hi, Julia-

      Thank you for noticing this family’s plight. Can you post or email pictures of where the baby is stuck? If someone with pigeon experience came to help, would the baby be reachable? I’ve emailed you directly.Thanks for being compassionate!

  3. Help I have a pigeon that has adopted my yard as its home….took it to another location and it came back to my home, got any suggestions? I do not want this bird.
    Thanks for any help.

  4. Please help me find a home for this pigeon, where if will not come back to me.

    • Where are you located? This pigeon needs help and is asking you for it. Please don’t relocate it until you can connect with someone who will help the bird. (It needs a safe place protected from predators and food and water and possibly avian vet care.) Where are you?

  5. My 95 yr old mother just went into asst living & has a male(?) white dove& cage she couldn’t take w/ her. I just sold my ranch & am downsizing too. Is there a safe animal rescue anywhere near reno? Please let me know as mother was just going to turn him loose. He is about 3 years old and seems very healthy. Thank you.


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