A Letter from Elizabeth, founder & director

Dear Friends,

We are poised at a critical juncture. We are receiving more support and recognition than ever before and, as news of the work we do spreads, the demand for our services does too. So, even with all the help that you are already providing, more is needed.

We’ve created an amazing community of compassionate, dedicated fighters for the pigeons & doves that need us. We have 16 foster volunteers providing wonderful care for 114 birds! We have volunteers, veterans and newbies, committing to outreach, adoption & humane education events across seven counties (and sometimes beyond). Your generosity and hard work is what has built MickaCoo into the culture-changing, life-saving rescue leader that we are today.

You are already doing and giving so much that it is hard for me to find the words to ask for more but I’m writing these words for the birds. We are overfull and unable to take in birds waiting for our help. We need more homes.

Please- go outside and look to see if your yard might not benefit from the grace and beauty of an aviary. Reach out to your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and inspire them to create a home for beautiful, easy to care for pigeons or doves. Contact that sanctuary, winery or retreat that you know would be graced by a life-saving aviary of sweet, gently cooing birds. To our out-of-the-area supporters, we encourage adopting locally but we do also sometimes approve long-distance adopters (within the Continental US). We need more homes for these sweet birds.

It’s hard to imagine, but Valiant, an incredible bird that many of you know, has been in our foster care for more than two years! And he is not alone. There are many other birds overdue to go home. As one of the folks we met at an event in SF last Saturday so eloquently said, “You can just see what a fine bird he is.”


Elizabeth Young, MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue


MickaCoo is a volunteer-powered, donation-supported project of Community Initiatives

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