Art Auction to Benefit MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue

Artist Ashley Dietrich by James Gibbard 1114

Thanks to the talent and generosity of Tulsa artist, bird rescuer and MickaCoo supporter Ashley Dietrich, you can bring the exquisite beauty of these portraits into your home while also helping the birds they honor.

We are offering these signed originals on canvas for auction. All proceeds benefit MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue! (auction ends Saturday 12/6 at 8 PM PST).

To bid, use the “Leave a Reply” box below, tell us which painting your bid is for, your email address and your bid amount and click “Post Comment”. Check back often. Highest bid at 8 PM PST this Saturday, December 6th will win.


Jacob: 8×10 inches – retail $60 – minimum starting bid $30
8x10 Jacob by Ashley Dietrich

Jacob was 22 years old when he was rescued by MickaCoo. He is a Capuchin Pigeon and was a cherished member of his family’s flock. Heartbreakingly, due to health reasons, the birds all had to be rehomed. Jacob, blind and arthritic, was the last in need of rescue. Despite his frailties, he has adjusted very well to his foster home and is married to a big, beautiful, and much younger pigeon named Hester.


Aurora: 4×4 inches each –  retail $30 –  minimum starting bid $15
4x4 Aurora by Ashley Dietrich

Pigeon racing survivor Aurora suffered a catastrophic crash that left her with two broken legs. The family that found her caged and fed her but did not seek vet care and, when MickaCoo was contacted on July 4th, 2014, a volunteer dropped everything to rush to her rescue. Aurora was crippled and in pain, suffering from one leg that had healed facing backwards and infected pressure sores in the other. She needed extensive vet care including surgery to break and reset her mishealed leg. She has made an incredible recovery and inspires all that meet her. (Read more about Aurora’s story.)


Dylan: 4×4 inches each –  retail $30 – minimum starting bid $15
4x4 Dylan by Ashley Dietrich

Dylan, a King Pigeon bred to be meat (squab), was sold at the age of just three and a half weeks from a live poultry market and “released” to the streets of San Francisco. She was lucky to survive long enough to be taken to the shelter but, too young to self-feed, nearly starved before being taken into MickaCoo’s foster care. She has recovered and is an excellent ambassador. (Read more about Dylan’s story.)

Each is a signed original painted on canvas, varnished.  Sides are 3/4″ deep and finished in black, ready to hang frameless or display on a shelf.

About the Artist Ashley Dietrich

I hold BFAs in Studio Art and Art History, and painting is my passion as well as my livelihood. Birds are each unique individuals with their own personalities, and I am honored to be part of so many little lives. Capturing their gestures and the complexity of feathers is a fulfilling technical challenge, but I especially enjoy creating portraits and getting to know who I’m painting. I also work as a volunteer wild bird rehabilitator, specializing in doves and pigeons. Painting allows me to work with wild birds as well as spend time with my own little flock. I share my studio with my parrot Penelope.

My painting website is
My art page on Facebook:

Ashley Dietrich with rescued pigeon by James Gibbard

Auction Rules:

  • Auction winner will be given payment instructions after the auction closes.
  • Payment is expected in three calendar days after the auction closes.
  • If payment is not received, the next highest bid will become the auction winner.
  • To bid, use the “Leave a Reply” box below, tell us which painting your bid is for, your email address and your bid amount and click “Post Comment”. Check back often.
  • Minimum bids are Jacob $30, Aurora $15, Dylan $15; each subsequent bid must be at least $2.00 higher than the prior one.
  • Auction closes on 8 pm PST on Saturday December 6th, 2014.

All proceeds benefit MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue!



    Dylan $15

  2. For Aurora my Bid is $30.00

  3. Sorry I did it wrong… Aurora – Bid is $30.00

  4. Jacob- Bid $40.00

  5. for Aurora my bid is $40.00

  6. For Dylan my bid is $40.00

  7. I am wondering about the pigeon painting in the first photo (Where you are painting an owl)… ? Is this for sale anywhere?

  8. Jacob Bid- $60.00

  9. Bidding has ended! Congratulations to our winners! Thank you for your support!


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