“Domestic Pigeon in Need of Medical Care” (Aries)

Aries at SFACC 120914

Aries at SFACC 12/9/14

We were contacted by SFACC shelter staff on December 9th about a “domestic pigeon in need of medical care”. The notes went on to say, “SURRENDERED DUE TO THE FLOCK BEATING UP ON HER. BIRD IS BANDED AND WAS BRED TO BE A RACING PIGEON BUT IS JUST A PET DUE TO HER DEFORMITY. SHE DRAGS HERSELF ON THE FLOOR OF THE COOP. BIRD IS NOT EATING ON ITS OWN.”

The young pigeon, whom we have since named Aries, had suffered a broken ankle. Without treatment, it had become infected, healed improperly and made it impossible for her to walk. One of our foster volunteers, Xavier, rushed to pick her up. She was filthy, emaciated and weak. (The fact that an injured racing pigeon was surrendered to the shelter by her owner rather than killed is atypical. We are grateful for the compassion she was shone.)


Infected, swollen, mishealed broken ankle

Aries emaciated 120914

Emaciated but safe now in loving hands

Aries loves scritches

Aries loves scritches

Dr. Kane examines Aries 121314

Dr. Kane examining Aries

In the two weeks since her intake, thanks to the loving care of her fosters and help from the vets, Aries has made remarkable progress. She’s eating on her own (ravenously), gaining weight and strength, her infection has been knocked out and her pain is under control. Now, instead of being neglected and picked on, she’s getting lots of love and support and she’s soaking it up.

She still can’t walk though and on December 20th she was hospitalized at Medical Center for Birds in preparation for the surgical breaking and resetting of her mishealed ankle.

Aries will have her procedure this afternoon, December 22nd, and will wake up with a newly-broken ankle that is positioned properly and hopefully, with time and care, will heal functionally. (For a similar story, see rescued racer Aurora.)

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Thank you for helping us to help Aries!

Thank you for helping us to help Aries!

December 23, 2014 Update:

Aries’ ankle has been rebroken, repositioned and is supported in a special pigeon-friendly cast. She tolerated the anesthesia and procedure well and is doing great! Here are photos taken yesterday during…

20141222_123600 20141222_124431 20141222_124603 20141222_125838 20141222_130533 20141222_130952

She’s eating heartily, preening and is already able, with a little help from hobbles and a shoe, to use her legs (rather than her wings) to stand and to walk! Tomorrow, volunteers will pick her up and take back to her foster home to continue her recovery. Here she is today. Thank you so very much for helping us to help this sweet bird!



  1. I rescued a pigeon and fed it but it falls to the left side and can not stay up on its own I don’t know what to do or how to help it

  2. I found a zebra pigeon with a broken wing and since I am still a teen, my parents wouldn’t let me take it home. What do you think I should do to care for it?

    • Hi, Lauren- Where are you located? You need to find a local pigeon-friendly rescuer & get that poor bird to them ASAP. Call your closest wildlife rescuer & ask for a referral to someone who will help a pigeon. You can also post on & search at Pigeon Talk (www.pigeons.biz/forums) to find someone but this bird needs to get to an expert right away.

      Good luck to you both-


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