Palomacy at the Bay Area Pet Expo San Jose, CA

A big part of the work we do is outreach. People don’t know that birds are in shelters needing homes, people don’t know that domestic pigeons and doves can’t live wild and need homes, people don’t know what amazing pets these birds are… and so this Saturday a whole bunch of us, volunteers and birds, staffed our booth at the Bay Area Pet Expo in San Jose. Thousands of pet lovers attend this huge, free and fun event and we introduced pigeons to as many as we could. We answered lots of questions, debunked lots of myths and made a lot of new friends for these amazing but often-mistreated birds. Palomacy- it’s pigeon diplomacy!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

Left to right: Faye & Shimmy, Elton & Sparkle, Jill & Aurora, Tyler & Opal, Ashish & Valiant, Liese & Pat, Adina & Gemini, Clare, Lisa.


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