Pet Pigeons Have a House, Need a Home!

Ajax is a lucky bird

Ajax, a dark-eyed King pigeon beauty with stunning black, white and grey plumage, has come a long way. She was found, at only 4 weeks old, near death in Alameda, CA in early November. Thankfully, she was rescued by Debbie, a kind person who took her home and nursed her back to life. When Debbie reached out to us for help, we were too full to take Ajax into our program but we coached Debbie on how to care for her. Debbie, though she had never intended to take on responsibility for a pigeon, did an awesome job and Ajax has flourished in her care.

Ajax is confident

Proud Ajax

Debbie, though unable to offer Ajax a forever home, has gone above and beyond to ensure that, while in her care, Ajax has a great life. She purchased and enlarged a fantastic Doc Woody aviary to be Ajax’s house, she provides daily out-of-cage time and then, so Ajax wouldn’t be lonely, she took on another pigeon to foster- King/Carneau cross Theo who, after more than three months at SFACC, needed to be rescued.

Debbie & Ajax met bachelor Jax at SFACC too

Debbie & Ajax met bachelor Jax at SFACC too

Theo, one month older than Ajax, was also found at the age of only 4 weeks old. He too was lotto-winning-lucky to have been found by a nice person before a hungry predator ate him. Theo loved Ajax right away and courted her in all his best young man pigeon ways.

Theo strutting after young lady pigeon Ajax

Theo says, Hey there pretty lady!

Young man pigeon Theo trails Ajax

Hey, what’s your name?

Bath time fun

Ajax & Theo having bath time fun

Now Ajax & Theo are bonded, healthy, strong young adults. They are bi-cultural (pigeon & human) and will make an ideal pair of pigeon pets. They have each other and they have an awesome house, but they need a home! (Note- Theo’s feathers went from lots of brown to mostly white when he molted but he still has the striking golden eyes characteristic of Carneau pigeons.)

Adopt Ajax & Theo

Childhood sweethearts Ajax & Theo

One of the biggest challenges to adopting pigeons is providing the right housing. Most bird cages are either too small for the birds or too big for the people. Many “coops” sold for chickens and rabbits aren’t safe for use outside without modifications to make them rodent & predator-proof. But Ajax & Theo come with their own awesome home! It is a very attractive mini-aviary suitable for use indoors or outside. (Note- They need safe out of cage time for exercise and enrichment but that’s easy to provide, especially with pigeon pants).  It’s 3′ x 4′ x 5′ and an ideal enclosure for a pair of pet pigeons. Debbie will include this great aviary and its furnishings at no charge provided Ajax & Theo’s adopters make a donation to Palomacy (which in turn help us to keep helping the birds!).

Ajax & Theo's awesome house

Ajax & Theo’s awesome house

As much as Debbie would love to keep Ajax & Theo forever, she can’t. They need a home. But, thanks to her incredible devotion to these lucky foundlings, they have everything they need… except you. This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who have wanted to have pet pigeons but were daunted by the housing challenge. (We love this aviary so much that we are hoping Debbie will help us to craft another and include a How To video and instructions.)

Pigeons make awesome pets! You can read more about life with pet pigeons here and you can apply to adopt here.

Ajax & Theo look forward to filling your life with the special happiness that only pet pigeons bring.

Every day is special when you have pigeons

Every day is special when you have pigeons



  1. I would love to have these two, and their cage, but I am in Flagstaff, Az. Can their cage be taken apart and shipped? They would have some other birdie friends here.

  2. Would probably be better if someone close by adopted them though. Maybe me as a last resort. Sure are pretty birds.


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