Garage Sale Fundraiser (#7!)

Cheryl smiling and waving a garage sale sign

Cheryl is our Garage Sale Queen!

On Saturday, April 25th, 2015, Cheryl hosted her seventh Garage Sale Fundraiser for Palomacy! Since the first one held in April 2012, she has collected, stored, organized, sorted, stacked, displayed, sold, repacked and transported donated treasures that have raised $7000 for the birds! Each Garage Sale involves mountains of stuff and hours of work and even though many of us help, all of our efforts combined don’t come close to matching all that Cheryl does.

The first one was on April 7th, 2012.


Cheryl’s got a good location for garage selling but her extra efforts, including collecting huge quantities of donated goods, hanging big signs at all the key intersections, posting online and organized displays, are what crank these events up to be super fundraisers! The first one Cheryl hosted raised $1058 for the birds!

You have to sell a lot of $1 books & housewares, $2 pairs of shoes & sweaters, and $20 collectible treasures to raise $1058. But that’s what we did and so the Garage Sale performance bar has been set very high right from the beginning.

I’ll never forget being in the middle of the first one, exhausted from all the prep work and knowing there were many more hours of work ahead, when Cheryl offered to host another one! Super Cheryl is amazing like that!

And so, there have been six more. All have raised about $1000 each, one way or another. (Sometimes Cheryl writes a donation check to make up the difference if our sales are off!)


Our latest Garage Sale was full of drama. Rain (so needed for our drought-striken region) threatened but Cheryl held steadfast. And the weather was fine. We mobilized a great volunteer team and got lots and lots of stuff donated but we didn’t have as many shoppers as we usually do.


Our volunteer team was awesome!

Smiling team of hardworking volunteers

Volunteers L-R: Reza, Rhonda, Cheryl, Shae, Chris, Clare, Josette

And we had fun along the way…


When the sale was over, there was still lots of work to be done.


In addition to the $605 we raised from the event, we will earn money from the three large loads of treasures we donated to Community Thrift (they share proceeds from sales) and once again, Cheryl wrote a very generous check to bring us up to $1005!

And we need every penny. We’ve had a lot of birds needing a lot of vet treatment this month including Josie, Evan, Rose, Oakley, Fleetwood & Muriel.

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously, worked so hard and shopped so enthusiastically to make this Garage Sale Fundraiser yet another epic success. Extra, extra special thanks to our amazing host, Super Cheryl!

Super Cheryl (flying with cape)

If you want to host a Garage Sale Fundraiser for us, we would be honored. Or you can donate items in our name to Community Thrift or you can donate directly. One thing is for sure- your support will make a life and death difference for the birds who need our help.


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