Foster & Forever Homes Urgently Needed

Domestic pigeons in an aviary

Eight more to go

Our largest foster aviary, the Wulf Aviary, always housing 24 pigeons and sometimes surging to 28, has been an incredible, life-saving asset to Palomacy for almost five years. Foster volunteer Linda, who was new to pigeons when she began and who has lovingly and successfully cared for our largest flock (see her story Why I Care for 27 Pigeons), is starting a new chapter in her life and moving abroad. I cannot tell you how much we will miss her dedication, warmth and huge contribution to our rescue. I’ve told her she needs to start a pigeon & dove rescue called Shalomacy once in Israel.

Volunteer hugging rescued King Pigeon Jitsu

Linda loving on Jitsu

We’ve known about this transition for a year and we have been working diligently all this time to increase adoptions, reduce intakes, develop new foster partnerships and be ready for when the time came. And now the time is here.

We are down to the final eight foster birds and they must be relocated in the coming two weeks. Our current foster volunteers are full (and overfull). We urgently need YOUR help.  

We work carefully to prepare and support our fosters and adopters. No experience required. We match the needs of pigeons with the homes available and we have all kinds- from those who need a small, quiet environment to those who would be thrilled to just be birds in an aviary. (We call it Pigeon Tetris.)

Rescued Rock Pigeon & Racing Pigeon

Gentle March & Grace need a quiet home

Rescued Racing Pigeon & King Pigeon

Mackenzie & Niban are flexible, interested in both people & flock life


Meulin (unreleasable Rock Pigeon) & Jitsu (King) would love to be adopted!

The Wulf Aviary is a big foster home to lose.

Beautiful big aviary for rescued pigeons

We need your help to restore the foster capacity we are losing

Please help! Learn the basics of pigeons as pets- either outside or indoors here. See the birds we have available here (updates are happening all the time). And please- apply to foster or adopt! The birds need you!

Thank you!


One Comment

  1. Hi Liz,
    (Kingston’s Family)
    My home, family and mountain property can accommodate all…
    If Linda would consider letting a few of the Palomacy team members re-locate the Avery, we can go to work on the loving relocation immediately, “like today!”
    We’ve been open to this for the past three years but we don’t have the outdoor Avery for the sweet heartbeats.
    We would be happy in honor of Linda and the Wulf Avery to continue her amazing and loving commitment to all the flocked friends that need a foster or permanent home as well as continue the foster needs to support all the goodness of Palomacy.


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