Pigeon Appreciation Day 6/13/15

Yuzu and Quince Palomacy Pigeon Appreciation 2015 by Shae Irving

We appreciate pigeons every day- for their gentleness, their loyalty, their courage. Let’s share our love of these birds with everybody on Pigeon Appreciation Day- June 13th, 2015! Artists have shared their pigeon appreciation imagery with us and we encourage you to share them far and wide. Pigeons are the angels among us and they deserve a lot more appreciation than they get! Here’s the gallery of images from which you can choose your favorites to download and share! You can always make a donation in support of pigeon rescue here. Please use #PigeonAppreciationDay in your tweets, Instagram & Facebook posts!

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.18.22 AM

You can download these photos and share them with your friends and family to celebrate Pigeon Appreciation Day! (Click on the photo, click on Actions menu above, click Download photo.) Pigeons are amazing and they need us to speak up on their behalf. Palomacy- it’s pigeon diplomacy!

Click on Actions menu & Download photo to share

Click on Actions menu & Download photo to share


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  1. I and my housemate rescued “cinnamon” last summer. We have an yellow knaped amazon named oscar, turns out laying eggs after eight year,s so sometimes we try to call her oscarina; and 3 cockateils and 2 parakeets. Cinnamon is precious, sweet, and very tame; we’ve helped to plump her up quite a lot. She or he comes to our arms or heads and shoulders on command or otherwise on her own will.

    I love your web site!!!!!!!


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