The Palomacy Report: December 2015

There is so much happening in the world of pigeon and dove rescue (and so much that needs to happen) that I’m starting a new feature- a monthly report to help keep you informed about what’s happening in Palomacy.

Palomacy Wishes You & Yours a Very Happy December 

Jacob, our featured pigeon for December, is doing great! Though 23 years old, he and his young mate Hester are currently enjoying their monthly honeymoon. Order your 2016 Palomacy Calendars here

Today is Giving Tuesday
For the first time, Palomacy is participating in this rapidly growing global celebration of charitable giving

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A little help makes a big difference!

Luis the dove

Luis arrived yesterday and is our newest foster bird. He’s a beautiful Ringneck Dove bachelor who cleverly self-rescued by volunteering to join a flock of rescued pigeons in an aviary in San Francisco. He’s named in honor of Luis, a very talented and hard-working builder of aviaries for Palomacy.

Beth & Winkie

Beth & Winky

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up Winky, an approximately six year old rescued pigeon whose person Beth, though she loves him very much, can no longer care for him. He’s been on our waiting list for a couple of months.

The Need 

Even with our capacity for almost 100 pigeons and doves fostered in 21 homes and aviaries, we don’t have enough space for all who need our help. There’s a single unreleasable Rock Pigeon named BB who’s been on our waiting list for a couple of months. He needs to come in within the week. I’ve been contacted about a flock of eight rescued pigeons living in San Mateo, some adopted from us and some from Peninsula Humane Society, who now need to be rehomed. There are 20 Roller Pigeons at the SPCA Wildlife Center for Monterey County in need of adopters and the Wildlife Care Association in Sacramento has 15 pigeons in need of homes (mostly Rollers & Homers). Of course, many of the Bay Area shelters also have pigeons in need of homes (even if they don’t always have all of them up on their websites).

Help on the Horizon

We are constantly reaching out to develop new partners, fosters and adopters to help. Right now, we are working on several exciting new collaborations including partnering with the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary to help pigeons, creating a new foster aviary in Alameda and helping a new animal sanctuary to include pigeons amongst their rescues. Please stay tuned for more information to follow and please- help us to inspire more rescuers and adopters for pigeons and doves. The need is far greater than the available resources. (For more on this topic, please read What Is Palomacy?) We’re also thrilled to have been selected for the Rescue Group Program Assessment (RPGA) designed to help rescue groups run more effectively by surveying volunteers and providing steps to improve organizational effectiveness. The RPGA was created by the Organizational Science department of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte in partnership with The Humane Society of the US.

Holiday Party Saturday 12/5

Mickaboo Plus Palomacy Holiday Party

We’ll be joining our very special friends at the Mickaboo Holiday Party in Walnut Creek & you are invited! I really hope you can join us! (People only please, no birds.) Please RSVP!

Thank you for your compassion.
We are so glad to be here to help birds & the people who love them.


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