Commander Holly to the Rescue!

Lt Birb and Commander Holly

Commander Holly and Bluebirds

Internet sensation, Twitch TV star and superhero Commander Holly is a special friend to the birds and Palomacy every day. She helps support and promote Palomacy in all kinds of wonderful ways and today she is doing an extra special live streaming fundraising drive to help us in the GlobalGiving Bonus Match event!

Commander Holly Helps the Birbs 031616 Bonus Match

Commander Holly adopted her first pigeon, Lieutenant Birb, from Palomacy in 2014 and has since rescued 44 more. Commander Holly writes, “I would have never known about the plight of domestic pigeons if it hadn’t been for you guys! So many pigeons are abandoned, abused, and injured because people see them as just vermin or don’t understand them. Palomacy is invaluable in spreading the word about what wonderful, thoughtful, and beautiful pets these pigeons make, and encouraging kindness for all animals.”

Thank you Commander Holly and Lieutenant Birb for all of your help!


One Comment

  1. Commander Holly, you are awesome and your videos are clever and entertaining.
    Thank you for your advocacy for pigeons.
    I envy your aviary!


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