Thank You Craig Newmark & craigslist Charitable Fund!

Thank you Craig & Jim & craigslist Charitable Fund!

Since pigeons don’t have pockets, they don’t have money and so, to rescue them, Palomacy has to inspire so much generosity in so many people! Thanks to two especially supportive donors, Craig Newmark (founder of craigslist) and the craigslist Charitable Fund (led by craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster) and their two incredibly important $10,000 donations in support of our work, we are able to continue leading this compassion for all movement we call Palomacy.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for these generous gifts. Every dollar donated is one less that we have to spend time and energy seeking and these twenty thousand dollars will help us save a great many lives.

There are so many birds in need of our advocacy, so many shelters and sanctuaries that need our partnership, so many adoptions to accomplish, so many exploitive and cruel practices to expose and oppose…

We know that what we are doing is making a difference! We see every day the benefits kindness, compassion and mercy bestow, not only for the recipients but for those who give them. (See the stories here.)

In 2016, twenty six Palomacy fosters cared for 336 rescued birds! These volunteers, located from San Jose to Sacramento and everywhere in between, cared for the birds every day, fed them, cleaned up after them, transported them, healed them, promoted them, publicized them, helped 199 to get home! Palomacy also helps many wild birds find their way safely to amazing rescues like WildCare and the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. And we help lots of birds all over the country and beyond with coaching, referring and support.

Our supporters and volunteers and partners are extremely generous! And we are very, very frugal! Even so, it cost Palomacy $101,426 to do what we did in 2016. That’s not a lot for some rescues. Some raise $100K in one event! But we aren’t there yet and it takes everything we have to do what we do and raise what we need. Your ongoing support is incredibly important to us. (Read more about Craig’s support for Palomacy here.)

Thank you, Craig and craigslist Charitable Fund for investing so kindheartedly in the work that we are doing. Your support is profoundly appreciated!

Palomacy Mission Thank Craig by Julie Zhang

Palomacy Loves Craig & craigslist Charitable Fund!


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