You Can Help Palomacy in All Kinds of Ways!

Did you know there are many different ways that you can help Palomacy to help the birds?

Aviary bird care volunteer Samantha caring for the Ploughshares flock

Palomacy needs volunteers to help with projects, transport, aviary bird care, fostering, outreach events and more!

Here are just a few of the opportunities available…

Aviary Bird Care Volunteers

You can help care for adorable birds fostered in OUR aviaries! (Photo by Julie Zhang)

Palomacy is currently seeking Aviary Bird Care Volunteers in Alameda, San Jose & San Francisco, CA! Warning: may be addictive! (Please complete our online application.)

ALAMEDA- We have a flock of 18 rescued pigeons fostered in our aviary at Ploughshares Nursery near the Main Street ferry terminal and we need volunteers to help care for them! The aviary needs to be cleaned every day and we currently only have three volunteers covering the seven days. Cleaning and feeding is very easy, it takes about 15-30 minutes, and is very fun! You get to hang out with 18 pigeons, and they’ll chat with you, and show off for you. They’re incredibly sweet and underappreciated animals.

Palomacy’s foster pigeon aviary at Ploughshares Nursery in Alameda, CA

SAN JOSE- Have 20 minutes once or twice a week (or more)? We would love your help at our Foster Dove Aviary at Andy’s (Rescue) Pet Shop in San Jose and we are happy to train interested volunteers. The volunteer work includes cleaning our foster aviary and checking in on the ten doves. It can be a quick clean or you can hang out for a while with these fun, beautiful birds and watch them with their busy lives.

Palomacy volunteer Liese can teach you everything you need to know

SAN FRANCISCO- Aviary Bird Care Volunteer(s) needed to help feed, water, socialize and clean up after doves and pigeons housed in backyard foster aviaries in south east corner of SF (right near MUNI T Line & 101/280 connect, easy parking!). Work with Palomacy founder Elizabeth and learn all about pigeons and doves, rescue operations, doing the impossible, etc. Minimum commitment of 2 hours per week required.

Elizabeth’s foster pigeon aviary in San Francisco

Elizabeth’s foster dove aviary in San Francisco

Elizabeth’s special needs bird room in San Francisco

Please complete our online application or contact Elizabeth if you have questions.

Outreach & Humane Education Volunteers

Palomacy ambassadors Max & Pirate

Palomacy brings pigeons and doves to outreach, adoption and Humane Education events througout the Bay Area, from San Jose up to Sacramento and everywhere in between. It is super fun and easy to introduce these amazing, charming birds to people and we make lots of new friends for them every time we do. We will teach you on the job and you can bring your own pet or foster pigeons and doves or we may be able to pair you with ours (depending on the event). You can see scheduled upcoming events on our website but there are always others being planned and, if we know you’re interested, we’ll invite you. Please complete our online application or contact Elizabeth if you have questions.

Pigeon diplomacy works!

Jade meeting Nathan’s pet pigeon Sophia

Christiana bringing Palomacy to the Capitol

Ellie, Elizabeth & Jill outreaching at the Oakland Plant Exchange

Event Planning Volunteers

Pigeons love to party (Coo Jackman photo by Elisabeth Millay)

2017 is our tenth anniversary and we need to organize a wonderful get together in celebration of all that we are doing!

Special Project Volunteers

Create a new Palomacy video (3 minutes)
Update & Redo Online Forms (from VFB Pro to Formstack or ?)
Set up Palomacy Email Group (Dadamail or ?)
Upgrade Contacts Database (Donors, Volunteers, Newsletter subscribers)

Foster Volunteers

You can enjoy birds & help save the lives of pigeons & doves even if you can’t adopt!

Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteers

Christina Chavez (SF SPCA Animal Assisted Therapy Program) & Prince

We are currently recruiting volunteers with one or more pigeons (adopted or fostered) to join us in our participation with the SF SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program. (Volunteer opportunities are located in SF, vet check certificate and additional training required.)

For any of the above (and there are lots more ways to help too),  please complete our online application or contact Elizabeth if you have questions.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping Palomacy help birds!


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