Saving Beatrice


In early June, a domestic pigeon, bred for the “sport” of pigeon racing, was taken far from home and released (along with thousands of others) to try and fly back. Instead she was injured and grounded. She was incredibly lucky to be found by a kind person before being killed by a hungry predator. She was taken to a shelter that doesn’t really serve birds (few do) and while they waited to hear back from her owner (they didn’t), she also waited… They didn’t understand how compromised she was and she didn’t get a lot of care.

When I picked her up on June 30th to bring her into Palomacy’s foster care, I was shocked to find her so emaciated and weak. She was completely unable to use her legs and down on her keel (breastbone). Usually shelters alert us to the 911 cases and we prioritize those birds, bumping them up ahead of the less-urgently-in-need birds on our waiting list, but that hadn’t happened for Beatrice. I was very worried that help might have come too late for her.

Beatrice on intake

Though very quiet and gentle, Beatrice has a strong will and she was not ready to give up. She had suffered spinal trauma and while she couldn’t move her legs, they still had feeling. With enough time and support, we’ve seen a lot of pigeons make amazing recoveries and Beatrice is one of them. It took a few weeks of supportive care, pain and anti-inflammation meds, cage rest and hydrotherapy (floating in my kitchen sink an hour a day to relieve pain and pressure and improve circulation) and very gradually, Beatrice regained weight, strength and the use of her legs!


Floating with snack service

She can now stand, walk and fly. On October 1st, she attended her first outreach and adoption event and though I still treat her like she’s glass, she’s strong and did great. Beatrice has made her remarkable recovery because Palomacy was able to give her the opportunity to heal. Beatrice is one of more than 800 pigeons and doves whose lives we have directly saved since we began this work in 2007. And, thanks to the power of the Internet, we are helping countless others through coaching, education and referrals. You are helping Palomacy save a lot of lives. Thank you!

Beatrice standing tall



  1. shes beautiful! my bird was found by my 4 yr old after about a 16-20ft fall. and of course he was like i love her. so we took the yellow fuzz ball home and figured out how to feed her and now shes all big and i just want to squeeze her. Pigeons are really interesting after all.

  2. This is a lovely pigeon rescue story about beautiful Beatrice. There are many like her who are not so lucky in New York City where we have Wild Bird Fund which is a bird & wildlife hospital for all kinds of rescued wildlife & many are released after they are rehabilitated by the great rehabbers there who are New York State licensed. Beatrice is inspiring & Palomacy deserves to have an East Coast version in NYC. We have the Bird Paradise sanctuary of Peter Dubacher in Petersburgh in upstate New York & you can visit it on line at or go there to visit. Another NY state sanctuary which shall go nameless is not as proficient & into TLC for the birds & rescued wildlife as there’s not enough care & cleaning & so forth. This Palomacy needs to expand & come to NYC! These are inspiring pigeons stories with a tear for joy for them & a smile of love for them as well!


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