December 6, 2014
by Elizabeth

What Is Palomacy?

Palomacy is pigeon diplomacy. When we started doing this rescue work in 2007, it was because there was a strange and deadly gap in the animal welfare network. Shelters got in domestic (unreleasable) pigeons every week but, instead of providing … Continue reading


October 31, 2014
by Elizabeth
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Reaching Out

In order to find great homes for domestic pigeons, we have to get the word out about them. When we started helping pigeons get adopted, there was no awareness that these birds were even in the shelters, let alone how … Continue reading


October 19, 2014
by Elizabeth
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MickaCoo at Wildlife Education Day 2014

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday with MickaCoo volunteers Lisa and Faye at the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society’s Wildlife Education Day in Cupertino. Together, with the help of ambassador pigeons Amelio, Dylan and Pat and Ringneck dove … Continue reading


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