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Do you wonder what it’s like to care for rescued, unreleasable pigeons & doves? Want to know more about what it takes to care for adopted Palomacy birds? Watch live streaming video of some of our flocks! And please- donate towards the costs of the NestCams so that we may show off the beauty & charm of rescued birds through this exciting, adoption-inspiring improvement!


Charlie & Boomer fostered by Ellie

Blind Rock pigeon Charlie & her mate, pigeon-racing survivor Boomer have a complicated relationship and, because of their different needs, have been challenging to place. We’re hopeful that Ellie’s lovely little two-bird aviary, located in her Berkeley garden, may prove ideal for them. Time will tell.

Palomacy Pigeons Sprocket & Virgil  fostered at HSSV

Sprocket (female, black with white flight & tail feathers) & Virgil (male, all black) are rescued Roller pigeons, bred for and survivors of an unkind hobby that selectively inbreeds birds to have a seizure disorder which is expressed by somersaulting. You can learn more about Rollers (which make lovely, sweet pets) here. This adorable little couple is fostered for Palomacy in the lobby of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Milpitas. They have a devoted team of volunteers who provide them with daily out-of-cage time for exercise, socializing and fun as well as housekeeping. Sprocket & Virgil are a newly married pair available for adoption together. (Apply here.)

Adopted & Fostered Pigeons in JillVille (JillCam!)


Adoptable domestic Ringneck doves fostered at Andy’s (Rescue) Pet Shop in San Jose, CA


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