Enjoy watching rescued birds!

Share the joy of watching & hearing rescued birds!

Do you wonder what it’s like to care for rescued, unreleasable pigeons & doves? Want to know more about what it takes to care for adopted Palomacy birds? Watch live streaming video of some of our flocks! And please- donate towards the costs of the NestCams so that we may show off the beauty & charm of rescued birds through this exciting, adoption-inspiring improvement!


Palomacy Pigeons Rose & Josè  fostered at HSSV

Rose (female, white with a brown head) & Josè (male, white) are rescued King pigeons, survivors of a squab breeder. You caan see their rescue story here. This devoted couple is fostered for Palomacy in the lobby of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. They get daily out-of-cage time for exercise, socializing and fun. Rose & Josè are a mated pair available for adoption together.

Adopted & Fostered Pigeons in JillVille (JillCam!)


Adoptable domestic Ringneck doves fostered at Andy’s (Rescue) Pet Shop in San Jose, CA


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