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  • Sat

    SFACC Maddie's Pet Adaptathon

    10AM - 5PM

    SF Animal Care & Control
    1200 15th Street
    San Francisco, CA


    This is a HUGE and wonderful Adoptathon AND Palomacy will be there with Pigeons in Pants. Please visit us there or volunteer with us if you can!

  • Thu

    Just One Day

    9AM - 5PM

    Your Local Shelter Everywhere, USA

    Please- reach out to YOUR local animal shelter and talk with them about what happens to the domestic pigeons and doves in their area.


    We're trying to save 13,000 lives in Just One Day. Every year on June 11, the No Kill Advocacy Center leads a movement asking shelters across the country to put down their needles and become No Kill for Just One Day. Roughly 13,000 animals are adopted, over 1,000 shelters and rescue groups come together, adopters welcome a new family member, the incinerators remain shuttered and the morgues stay empty.  June 11 just may be the safest day for companion animals in shelters. (Read more.)

    Just like cats and dogs, domestic (tame and unreleasable) pigeons and doves wind up in animal shelters needing homes. Unlike with cats and dogs, few people know that they even exist let alone adopt them and, while all the other animals had rescues to help them, no one was saving these smart, gentle birds when they “timed out” until we started helping close this deadly gap in the Bay Area animal welfare community. (Read more.)

    Please- reach out to YOUR local animal shelter and talk with them about what happens to the domestic pigeons and doves in their area. Do they accept them or turn them away? What happens to them? Are they helped and placed like the other animals or are they routinely killed as if that was the only option? Please let us know what you find out. The pigeons and doves can't speak up but we can!

  • Sat

    Pigeon Appreciation Day!

    Join the Pigeon Appreciation Day Fun!



    We appreciate pigeons every day- for their gentleness, their loyalty, their courage. Let's share our love of these birds with everybody on Pigeon Appreciation Day 2015! Artists are invited to share your Pigeon Appreciation imagery & graphics with us and we will help others to share them far and wide. Pigeons are the angels among us and they deserve a lot more appreciation than they get!

  • Sat

    East Bay SPCA Adoptathon

    10AM - 3PM

    Jack London Square
    Oakland, CA

    Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.10.47 AMThe East Bay SPCA Adoptathon is coming up soon and Palomacy will be there with pigeons in pants! Please join us as a volunteer or stop by to say hello. 

    Join us Saturday, July 18 from 10 am - 3 pm in Jack London Square for the East Bay SPCA's annual Adopt-a-thon!!! This adopt-a-thon and pet fair will feature more than 350 adoptable animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and reptiles!  

    When: Saturday, July 18 from 10 am - 3 pm
    Where: Jack London Square

    Not looking to adopt? That's okay! We also encourage members of the public to:
    -Browse vendor booths
    -Watch canine demonstrations
    -Bring their dog for a $10 microchip
    -Sign up to foster
    -Bring your kids down for activities and fun!



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