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  • Sat

    Palomacy @ The 2017 Spring Plant Exchange


    4500 Lincoln Ave, Oakland CA


    Palomacy will be at the Oakland 2017 Spring Plant Exchange introducing pigeons and doves as pets! (Volunteer ambassadors needed! Please contact Elizabeth to help out. Newbies welcome!) Held rain or shine, join hundreds of your neighbors and fellow plant enthusiasts for the great semi-annual Oalkand tradition. Bring seeds, seedlings, cuttings, plant divisions, bulbs... Go home with bird netting, pots gardening books, bulbs, seedllings, a fist full of mystery succulents, a tree maybe... Get some advice, make some friends, grab a bite and enjoy the music. Go to www.theplantexchange.com for more information



  • Mon

    Little by Little Bonus Match!

    6 AM - 9 PM PT

    Online at Global Giving for Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions


    Little by Little! Please mark your calendars & set your alarm clocks for the first GlobalGiving Bonus Match of 2017! Starting at 6 AM PT Monday, April 3rd donations made to Palomacy through GlobalGiving up to $50 will earn a 50% Bonus Match while funds last. Thank you!


  • Sat

    Palomacy @ Earth Day 2016 Oakland Zoo

    10AM - 3PM

    9777 Golf Links Road
    (off Highway 580)
    Oakland, CA


    Palomacy volunteers will bring pigeons and doves for you to meet and answer all your questions about these sweet, smart, amazing birds. Plus- there will be pigeons in pants! (We need helpers- please volunteer with us!)

  • Sat

    Palomacy @ UC Davis Picnic Day!

    10AM - 4PM

    Hutchison Field (between La Rue Road & Dairy Road)
    UC Davis



    We love participating in this BIG fun event at UC Davis! There will be 100K visitors! Please help make LOTS of new friends for pigeons & doves! (Volunteer ambassadors needed! Please contact Elizabeth to help out. Newbies welcome!) 






  • Wed

    Palomacy @ ASPCA Paws for Celebration


    North Steps of the State Capitol  (L and 11th Streets Side) Sacramento, CA 95814

    IMG_6477We have a great time meeting leaders and raising awareness and inspiring compassion for the pigeons and doves and are looking forward to being at the State Capitol. If you're in the area, please come and meet pigeons in pants. We can help answer all your questions about pigeons- those bird we see so often but that so many misunderstand. (See photos & our TV interview from 2014 here.)  (Volunteer ambassadors needed! Please contact Elizabeth to help out. Newbies welcome!)IMG_6140

  • Sat

    Palomacy @ Animal Fest 2017

    11 AM - 3 PM

    Christ the Lord Episcopal Church
    592 Tennent Avenue
    Pinole, California


    Chinchillas! Rabbits! Reptiles! Dogs! Parrots! Cats! Wildlife Ambassadors! Chickens! Pigeons in Pants!

    This is a wonderful, fun event! Easy parking, lots of cool exhibits and presentations and you'll meet some pigeons in pants! 

    Animal Fest seeks to facilitate interaction with animals, educate our community and neighbors about respecting and protecting wildlife, to increase appreciation of and respect for animals in our community, facilitate improved lives and outcomes for animals in our community and to facilitate adoption of animals. 


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