I Live Outside the Bay Area — Can I Still Adopt?

Dear MickaCoo,

I used to have a pair of doves a few years ago. But, I had to give them away due to the traveling nature of my job. Now, I am looking to adopt again. But, I live here in Houston, TX. You guys have lots of birds. How do I adopt if I live in Texas ? Or should i find something local?

Houston Dove Fan

Dear Houston,

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting rescued pigeons or doves from MickaCoo. There are many in need of homes and they make lovely pets.

We are in San Francisco, CA and always encourage folks to adopt locally. Here are some links to places that you can go to look for birds (both pigeons and doves) in need of adoption that are closer to where you are.

Pigeon Talk: www.pigeons.biz/forums
Pigeon Chat: www.pigeonchat.net
Pigeon Angels: pij-n-angels.forumotion.net
Petango: www.petango.com/Forms/Search.aspx

We do occasionally approve long-distance adopters and ship Overnight Express (pigeons only, at adopter’s expense & weather permitting). If you’re interested, please complete our online application on the Birds tab of our website at www.pigeonrescue.org.

And if you’re on Facebook, join us on Facebook! We have a fun and friendly page and you might meet some local folks who can help you along the way.

All best, and THANK YOU for making adoption your option!

Elizabeth, MickaCoo


  1. I am in love with pigeons!!!! My fascination with Nikola Tesla brought me to research the bird and I’m so glad I did. I really want my own little bundle of joy! I live in Houston TX area. I wish there were more organizations like you near me.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Contact Burge Bird Rescue & Wild Rose Rescue Ranch- they have pigeons in need of homes & might be able to refer you to someone in your area. You can also post on/search at Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums to find a rescuer near you. Good luck.

  2. The one rescue on the map in my area currently does not have any pigeons or doves. I’ve been frequenting their website, and checking petfinder regularly. Also tried posting on several websites, with no success.

    I wish the rescues here in Tucson were a little more considerate of doves and pigeons. Most rescues that take in birds are primarily for parrots.

  3. I wish I would have seen this link sooner. I live up in minnesota and I had been trying to find a pet dove for quite a while. I wanted to rescue but couldn’t find a place. I feel really bad about buying my girls from a pet store now. Next time I’ll ask you folks first.

  4. Do you guys know anywhere in Minnesota with pigeons? I want to rescue but i can’t find a place around here. Thanks.

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