What Do I Do If I Find an Injured Pigeon or Dove?

Our resource page, In Case of Emergency, provides general information on how to tell if a pigeon is in distress, and how to find help for injured pigeons. When in doubt, a good number to call is WildCare, 415-456-SAVE. WildCare is a Bay Area-based rescue for feral (free-living) pigeons, and their hotline will provide advice 24 hours a day. It’s always best to get an avian expert involved rather than “wing it.” (See map of pigeon-friendly rescues in US here.)

I created our rescue, Palomacy (originally MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue), in 2007 to help the many domestic (unreleasable) pigeons and doves that wind up in Bay Area shelters and were being routinely killed for lack of adopters. We’ve saved the lives of more than 600 birds since we started, but we are an incredibly small group with 1 semi-paid employee and some volunteers and we all work out of our homes, doing all we can to keep up with the overwhelming numbers of lost and injured racing pigeons, “released” King pigeons, surrendered Ringneck doves, etc. Here’s an article that I wrote that tells you more about both MickaCoo & WildCare: Pigeons: Wild & Tame.

One of the most common problems that feral pigeons have is something we call “stringfoot.” Pigeons need twigs, straw or hay to build nests but, in urban areas, they are more likely to find string, wire and human hair. When they spend 12 hours of every day for 3 weeks out of every month in their nests, their toes become entangled in the nest materials, which leads to constriction, necrosis, infection, etc. If you can catch and untangle these poor birds, they can recover and survive very well, even with missing toes or stumps for feet. You can read more here: Stringfoot Heartache.

You can also visit Pigeon Talk at www.pigeons.biz/forums to meet other folks who care about pigeons, and we have a friendly Facebook page that you’d be very welcome to join — Join us on Facebook!

Thank you for being compassionate to the pigeons,

Elizabeth, Palomacy


  1. Hiya, my mum saved a pigeon from a busy road nearby. She fed him and gave him water but he can’t fly. She doesn’t know what to do with him as she can’t keep him. She set up a little place for him in her yard but he’s roaming around with a rabbit and a guinea pig which isn’t ideal. What can she do? Or is there anyone she can call or give him to? Thanks

  2. I need some expert advice. Wildlife rescue here does not take in doves,crows,etc. They do not seem to be very sympathetic to my cause. We have rescued a morning dove that is blind in one eye. I was attacked by something and was grounded the day we found it. We have it in a 24″ high x 36″ long x 24″ deep cage. It is feral and flys erratically when we clean cage or change water. We could let it loose in our lattice inclosed gazebo. Are we killing it with kindness (think it would want a mate) ? Or should we let it loose and let nature take it’s course. We are in the Sierra Foothills (Auberry, Ca.) and have lots of hawks. My question is to keep it confined or to let it go free. mtntop2@netptc.net

  3. Hi, Carolyn- Thank you for helping this dove. It sounds like she is improving and has recovered the ability to fly. It is hard to advise you with so few details but, if it was me, I’d try to provide her with an opportunity to continue improving by giving her more space to fly/recover in (something more the size of a room than a cage) and, if she seems well able to navigate the bigger space, I’d try to give her a “soft release” back to where she was found, if possible. Did you find her near your home? Can you release her back to her flock while still providing food and water and some safety if she isn’t able to survive? I think your goals should be to help her to join/rejoin a wild flock of doves (she won’t survive alone) or, if that isn’t feasible, to either find or create an aviary where she can live with other birds (rather than alone in a small cage). Wildlife rescuers aren’t easy to find but I would keep looking. Call WildCare at 415 456 SAVE and ask for them to refer you to additional resources in your area. Good luck!

  4. Please, please Elizabeth, contact me….I left my phone # in your mail box.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Found a Capuchino pigeon in Manchester. It has an orange ring without any number or letter. Please contact at: 0799437333

  6. Hi, I have been taking care/hand feeding a wild pigeon baby for about a month and a half. It was crushed under a pallet at my former work and it’s sibling was killed. This baby had one of it’s wings hurt pretty bad. I have been hoping she would gain the ability to fly but so far she has not. She flaps strenuously like most other babies ready to fly but her hurt wing still hangs low and looks like a bone might have been broke. She’s an adult now and no longer squeals when I approach her. My issue is that I can’t have pets in my building. I’ve been hiding her but I’m afraid I will be found out. I can’t stand the thought of leaving her somewhere because I know she can’t fly and will die. Help please.

  7. Sitting with my dog in Manhattan under a tree where a lot of pigeons congregate. I feed them sometimes, especially this last winter which was brutal. Anyway, today I saw two pigeons that seemed to be pecking at another one, which looked fairly young. I thought they were picking on it so I made noise and all the surrounding birds took off but not these two. I moved closer and made noise again and one of the two took off but one did not even closer I realized the bird they were pecking had its leg caught in a wrought iron fence. I am always reluctant to touch birds because they are so nervous but it was very stuck. I put my hands around its body and wings and it seemed to actually calm down. Then I was able to take the foot and manuever it and free the leg and it took off. For the tree above me where I saw about fifty birds looking down at me.

    My questions. Do they know I saved the bird? And do you think they were attacking the helpless trapped bird, trying to help it, or trying to get my attention? I know they are pretty smart and was wondering what your opinion was. Also it was pretty stuck. I was wondering if they are figure out how to extricate themselves or if it would have tore its own leg off to get free, or died trapped in that position. What would the other birds have done?

    • Hi, Linda- You likely saved that pigeon from a bad death. Once they get stuck, they get panicky and just pull harder rather than puzzle out how to extricate themselves. Likely a hawk or crow or cat or person would have killed the trapped pigeon. And, while pigeons are, for the most part, incredibly peaceful, they do pick on “down” birds, birds that for whatever reason (injured, ill, immature) are too vulnerable to defend themselves. There must be some evolutionary advantage to it… And you are correct- they are very intelligent. The flock may know that you were trying to help the pigeon or they may think you were trying to catch it and it got away. The recognize and remember faces so the fact that you feed them and are kind to them means perhaps they expected help more than harm from you. Thank you for being kind to pigeons! They deserve compassion and our world is better for yours.

  8. Hello today I found a pigeon on market and vanness in SF, it was in the middle of the sidewalk, and not moving. I picked it up and took it home with me, it didn’t fight me or really move to much at all. I have it resting in my room with a towel, its sleeping for the most part, and has a running nose. I inspected its body and didn’t see anything alarming that looks injured. I can not care for the pigeon, but want to find the right place that will, can you help me? I called Wildcare and they directed me too someone else who directed me to animal control, and I haven’t heard to much good about animal control and don’t want the pigeon dying. I have work at 10.30 tomorrow morning, I hope I can get a response before then, so I can bring the pigeon into the right care and I don’t want to leave the pigeon alone in my room all day. Please contact me and let me know if MickaCoo can help this little one.

    • Hi, Andrea- Thank you for helping this fledgling. I highly recommend WildCare & I’m glad we were able to help you find transport to get the pigeon from you in SF to them in San Rafael.

  9. Hello, I think there is a pigeon trapped on spikes in the El Cerrito Del Norte Bart Station. I am sick to my stomach thinking about it. I’ve tried calling the Bart station and I have not gotten through, nor am I sure they would care. Who can I call for assistance? I am not sure how long the bird has been there and how much longer it can survive?

  10. Hi, I found a Rock pigeon that was hit by a car yesterday when found it was in shock and bleeding from eyes and beak. Bleeding stopped and it made it thru the night but i now see it is blind in one eye and the other only partially open. I have been holding water to it and it will drink and is moving around in cage now a little but my question is what is best to feed it right now? does it need vitamins or anything? How long before iI release it and should it even be released? We have a whole flock in the neighborhood here that we give seed to everyday so would it be best to just let it go back to them and If so when? also, how else can i help it right now With learning on one eye?

    • Hello, Jen. Thank you for helping this injured bird. Where are you located? The pigeon needs to be evaluated by a pigeon-knowledgeable rehabber, rescuer or vet. Please don’t release until her condition is understood.

  11. Hi… This morning as I was leaving the house there was a white dove sitting in my front yard. He was still there after sunset, so I finally went out and scooped him up with a towel and put him in a box. I’ve got him in the bathroom now, where I also put a bowl of water. One of his eyes is super swollen and all bloody, and it looks like he’s got blood caked on his beak.

    I’m not sure what to do with him since it seems fairly obvious that he was a domestic bird. He’s completely white with I think red eyes, and I’ve never seen one like that in the wild. I doubt any of the wildlife rescue places are going to want to look at him, but I don’t just want to keep him until he starves to death. Suggestions?

  12. thank you elizabeth! wildcare will take my found injured pigeon, now to find a chariot to take him or her there! working on it! :-) thank you for caring!

  13. Hello, just looking for advice, as I’m in Canada….
    My mom brought a pigeon Home last week, it seems to have no injuries but all its tail feathers and some on the back of its neck are missing. Our plan was to keep it here, let them grow back in, see if it flies well enough, release back where she found it. We had a fledgling last year, old enough to stay wild but just needed to learn to fly, and he was soft released a block away successfully. So we thought it would be even easier as this one is an adult and most likely mated.
    The problem I have now, is since it’s been here, it has started twisting its neck and sometimes tumbles over/around. I do not have the funds to pay for a vet check :( and our wildlife says they don’t do a check, they just automatically euthanize any pigeons they pick up. I can’t find a local rescue not can I drive.
    My question is, do you think the neck twisting and tumbling is something that indicates a huge problem? should I leave it and see if it will be ok, maybe something I can do myself that might help or if it’s from something like anxiety that’s stressing it out more and more? It’s in a cage that is covered with a child’s blanket across the back and a dark grey but light fabric covering most of the front and sides to hopefully give it some extra security. It does eat and drink on its own, but I think it might get harder if the neck twisting gets worse :(
    or should I call the wildlife to come pick it up?

    • Hello, Ray- thank you to you and your mother for helping this pigeon. The head twisting (called torticollis) can be a symptom of a virus called PMV or salmonella. If this is PMV, the bird can likely survive it and recover as long as you provide supportive care and safety. You can see the story of one of our rescued PMV birds here- Frances. I’d recommend you read up on both PMV & salmonella (also called paratyphoid) on Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forum. You might even find a pigeon expert in your area that can help you to help this bird. Good luck to you both.

      • Thank you so much! I didn’t get a chance to reply when I first read this, but I’m grateful for the help. I am looking into the information now :) it seems to have had an easier day today, maybe getting used to being inside and resting a bit more, I’m hoping. It has alot of feistiness when I check on it, which I think is a good sign, not just laying and weak.
        I will let you know how things go.
        Frances is gorgeous, and gives me hope :)
        Thank you again!

  14. Hi Elizabeth. I must say its wonderful that you are doing so much for these b’ful birds.
    I, found a green pigeon at my place 2 days ago. Its a fledgling and seemed like it was trying to fly but I waited for hours and no bird came for its rescue. I was scared some stray cat might get to it so I rescued it from my balcony. Its been too days and its really scared of me. wenever I try to feed it, it keep fluttering its wings hard to push me away. I’ve made a cosy nest for it and keep a mixture if seeds fruits and water for it. But I’m scared if it doesn’t eat much it might die.
    pls help me out! its a yellow footed green pigeon. thanks!

    • Thank you for trying to help this bird. The baby is not pushing you away, it is begging to be fed! Where are you located? You need to get this baby to a bird expert as soon as possible or it will die. Look on Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums to find help in your area & look on YouTube for videos of how to feed baby pigeons. Good luck to you both.

  15. Hi, I just found an adult pigeon in front of my house in the Chicago area. It looks like it has been injured under its left wing. I have it in my house in the only available cage I have which is 13″ l x 15″ w x 14″ h. I know it’s not the best size but it’s all I can do right now. It hasn’t moved much since I put it in. It has been standing and sleeping the whole time. I own 3 cockatiels and 1 canary so I am concerned that the pigeon may have a disease and may pass it to my birds. It has a tag on it’s leg that says 64251. I would like to nurse it back to health but am unsure what to do first. Please help.


    • Hello, Ariel- Thank you for helping this pigeon. Please find a pigeon-friendly rescuer in your area ASAP. Until this bird is expertly assessed, it is impossible to know what all is wrong with him/her and what is needed to help. This pigeon was likely injured by a predator and will need a course of antibiotics to save his life. You don’t have to worry that the pigeon will sicken your bird as that is highly unlikely but, without expert care, the pigeon may well die. Please reach out to wildlife rescuers in your area and ask if they will help or know anyone who helps domestic pigeons. I’d also recommend posting on & searching at Pigeon Talk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums. Good luck to you both!

  16. hi, I found this pigeon in my friends yard and it cant fly. its not safe in her yard because she has a dog. so we took it to my house and fed it bird food. we don’t know what we should. my friend wants to keep it in her front yard. but its not safe because she has a cat and is very active. I have a bird cage in my backyard I thought about putting it in their but I don’t want it to be alone. I also need help on what I should do to on helping perky pigeon please help

    • Hello, Yzaira-

      Thank you for helping this pigeon. Where are you located? You need to find a pigeon-friendly expert in your area to help you help this bird. Why can’t she fly? Is she injured? Emaciated? Sick? Or she may be all of those things.

      And you’re right- this bird isn’t safe in the yard and she wouldn’t be safe even in a bird cage. Most bird cages are designed to confine a bird inside, not to protect against predators outside. A pigeon in a bird cage in the yard will be torn up by hawks, cats, raccoons, owls, rats, etc. Not to mention unhappy and lonesome.

      Here’s some info about keeping pigeons as pets- Pigeons as Pets: Outside or Indoors.

      Right now, the most important thing is to get this bird checked by a pigeon-friendly expert. Please contact the nearest wildlife rehabber and ask them for a referral to someone who will help a pigeon. You can also search at and post on Pigeon Talk (www.pigeons.biz/forums) and on Facebook (Join us on Facebook! ) to find help.

      If you tell me where you’re located, I’ll do my best to refer you to someone.

      Thanks again for helping this poor bird.


      • Hi Elizabeth

        I’m in South Africa and stumbled across this page. I was traumatised this morning when my cat mauled a beautiful Ring-neck Dove. It was bleeding a lot and I tried my best to keep it calm so that I could take it to the bird rehabilitater I know. I was even late for work but luckily I have an awesome boss who is kind and gave me permission to go in a little later.

        The rehabilitater said that she’s concerned about a lung having been punctured and the bacteria from the cat’s saliva. Surprisingly, no bones were broken. What are the chances of survival if a lung has been punctured?

        It’s such a comfort to know that I’m not crazy (just crazy about birds in general) and that there are so many people out there who are bird lovers. :)

        Thanks for the awesome work you do by rescuing these birds. I honestly didn’t know an organisation like this exists. We have general rehabilitation organisations here in SA but I have never heard of one for pigeons.

        Animals/pets give such joy and pure love to humans. I find the birds bring me peace and contentment – it’s like therapy and it’s free! :)

        Take care.

  17. Hello, Elizabeth!
    I rescued a pigeon from a busy square yesterday after she was unintentionally mauled by a dog (I think the dog was just trying to play with her). And now she can’t fly (her left wing is hanging low).
    I took her to the vet and after examining her he said that her wing is not broken, and advised me to look after her for 10 more days in order to see if it was just a minor injury and if she will or won’t be able to fly again.
    I couldn’t find any pigeon experts where I live (Curitiba/Brazil), and I’m a bit lost. What if she can’t fly again? She won’t be able to make it on her own, right? : ( Is it possible for a feral pigeon to live in an apartment? Should it be free all the time? Are there any concerns regarding health issues? Are there any lab tests (blood, feces, feathers) that can show if she is “infected” with some kind of fungus or something? Thank you so much for your time and sorry for the silly questions (I know nothing about pigeons). Greetings from Marlene (the pigeon) and I!

    • Hello, Amanda-
      Thank you for saving this poor pigeon. It sounds like she will recover but if she is not able to fly, she can still have a very happy life as a pet. Unreleasable pigeons make great pets. You can learn more at Pigeons as Pets and I’d encourage you to search at Pigeon Talk (www.pigeons.biz/forums) for pigeon lovers near you. (There are also many pigeon lovers on Facebook and you can search for pigeon rescue groups and get referrals to people in your area.) Regarding health issues, pigeons present a very low risk of disease transmission to humans. They are resistant to Avian Flu, West Nile Disease, and unless you have a compromised immune system, you shouldn’t have to worry. Petting a dog or cat or eating a chicken sandwich are actually higher risk activities than interaction with pigeons. Thank you for your compassion and good luck to you both. I hope that she recovers and is able to go back to her free life but if not, please give her a life with you.

      • Hello, Elizabeth! Thanks for your reply. I tried to find people who live in my city using the forum’s search engine, but I couldn’t find anyone : ( She is getting an x-ray done tomorrow. I think that will help us know why she can’t fly. Thanks again! I’ll keep you updated! : )

      • Hi Elizabeth. The x ray result came in today and it’s not good: medial displacement of the coracoid bone and dislocation/avulsion of the coracoid bone : ( The vet believes that she won’t fly again : ( I’ll try to find a good home for her, since I don’t have enough/appropriate space for her.

  18. Hey 2 weeks ago i found a piegon on street …that piegon cant fly…he just try but fails…so i was taking care of him…he always try to fly but fails….tommorow tha piegon jumped from my bed and try to fly but he got hit by wall …today when i was giving him water…i checked his eye….one eye got all grey …like all light grey pupil and iris covering the eye portion and i think he is not even able to see from that eye…..please help me that what should i do to make his eye fine…please help please fast

    • Hello, Jass- Thank you for helping this pigeon. I can’t give you any meaningful help from afar. Please research and find a pigeon-friendly expert in your local area who can examine this pigeon and help you to help him. There are pigeon lovers everywhere. You can search on PigeonTalk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums and on Facebook to find someone near you. Good luck to you both.

  19. I found an injured pigeon in SF and called SFACC. They were at my place in minutes to rescue the bird. Here is some information from their website:

    Birds that are “down” need immediate care! Bringing a bird you find in San Francisco to either of these wildlife care centers will help their chance of survival.
    Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) in San Mateo (650) 340-7022.
    Wildcare in San Rafael (415) 456-7283.

    If you cannot transport the bird:
    Please call SFACC (415) 554-9400. An SF ACC Officer will pick up the bird from you, or from the location where the bird is. (Be specific about the location, if you cannot pick up the bird.) Officers drive birds to PHS, once per morning, staff providing.

    Starlings, pigeons, and sparrows will only be cared for if you bring them to Wildcare, due to lack of funds to care for these birds at PHS, who take the vast majority of birds from San Francisco.

    Wildcare is located in San Rafael, 10 miles north of San Francisco. If all possibilities of saving the bird’s life by getting it a ride has been exhausted, you can call SF ACC (415) 554-9400 and ask them to contact SF ROMP on our emergency line to see if we can find a volunteer to give the birds a ride to San Rafael. You will need to leave your contact phone number and the location where the bird/s are. If a SF ROMP volunteer drives a bird you’ve found to San Rafael, please donate $10, if you can, to cover the volunteer’s bridge toll and gas. Thank you.

  20. Hi, today me and my mom found a young wild pigeon under a busy highway by a gasoline station and we brought it home. It has a few injuries like a bump on his head, a wound on its neck, and it barley opens its eyes. We really want to help it so that it can survive, what can we do

  21. Hi. My dad found a dove or pigeon I don’t know what it is because I don’t know the difference. Anyhow, I’m frustrating because the poor animal is suffering a lot! His neck is twisted and he cannot even stand up. Every day is worst and I don’t Want him to die. What can I do? How can I feed him? How can I give him water? He cannot eat by himself. What kind of medicine can I give to him? Help!!!

    • Thank you for helping this poor bird. Sounds like a virus or neurological issue. Where are you located? You need to connect with a local pigeon-friendly expert ASAP. This bird may be able to recover but you need to involve an expert! (For example, the bird may have PMV, a survivable illness if he is supported through it. You can find info about pigeon PMV & people who can help on Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums as well as from rescue groups on Facebook (post photos).

      You can find some rescue resources on the Resources tab of our website http://www.PigeonRescue.org (check the map).

      Thank you for your compassion. Find a local expert to help you help this bird. Good luck to you both!

  22. Hi!
    Yesterday, my work colleague found a pigeon that had flown into a passing car.
    Wings look fine and it flew down the street about 10m ok but then landed in the road looking exhausted.
    I quickly took it from the road and brought it home. Check the wings – ok. Mouth and beak look absolutely fine. Eyes are bright and clear. Looks in fine health.
    I’ve kept it in my greenhouse over night with some food and water. Came down this morning and it seems to have eaten some of the nuts and seeds I left out for it. It was alert and bright this morning and wary of me, as ferel birds should be.
    Do you think, it would be fine to release? It’s pooped ok in the box of shredded paper I left for it…

    • Thank you for helping this pigeon. Is he a wild Rock Pigeon rather than a domestic, unreleasable pigeon? If so, sounds like he’s recovered but it’s always good to consult with a local pigeon-friendly wildlife rescuer if possible. Good luck to you both.

  23. hi
    was just trying to get help on a pigeon my mom found by our house. im guessing it doesnt fly becuase it was almost hit by 2 cars.
    we dont know what to do with it. we are feeding it right now. but we cant keep it because we have a cat in the house. is there somewhere we can take it so they can help it? please HELP.

    • Hello, Kassandra- Thank you for looking out for this pigeon. Where are you located?

      You need to search online to find the wildlife rehabbers & rescues in your area. The pigeon needs expert care! Here is a link to some info- http://www.pigeonrescue.org/resources/ and there are lots of wildlife rescue groups on Facebook too.

      Thank you for your compassion & good luck to you both!


  24. Hi, sorry for the trouble. I found an adult mourning dove with problems with its wing, but there is not much visible evidence of a problem. It can fly but not well at all and it was sitting on the ground when I found it. It seems ok and it’s in the dark now. What can I do to help it? I’m not sure how I can get in touch with a rehabber. I’m sixteen and can’t drive out to one. Thank you for your help!

    • Hello, Oliver- Thank you for looking out for this dove. Where are you located?

      First, you need to catch & confine the dove safely in a cage or pet carrier in your home. Keep her quiet, don’t handle her and then search to find the wildlife rehabbers & rescues in your area. Work with them & your friends & family to figure out transport. The dove needs expert care! Here is a link to some info- http://www.pigeonrescue.org/resources/ and there are lots of wildlife rescue groups on Facebook too.

      Thank you for your compassion & good luck to you both!


  25. Hello there? Is this website still active? Just checking first because I rescued a white dove yesterday.

    Thank you.

  26. Thank you Elizabeth.

  27. you made my day

  28. I havs revently rescued a mourning dove, it has a broken wing and leg both on the left side, i have been looking after and cleaning the wounds, it seems like it was hit by a car because there are no apparent puncture wounds or evidence of a fight with another bird/animal. But i noticed that under the wing that is broken, there is a green tinted lump…im not sure what it is, and i am quite worried…that same tint is on the top of the wing but not as much, can someone please tell me whats wrong…i dont wanna take him to a rescue center because they will take him away from me, and i dont think that the hospital im near even takes wild birds. Please help!!!!

    • Sabrina- thank you for rescuing & advocating for this poor dove. Please do find an avian vet or expert wildlife rehabber to provide the care the bird needs. The green is bruising and could be an indication of serious internal damage. The bird could become septic & suffer a lot. Or, with time & care, she may recover, but for the best chance, the dove needs the help of an expert. Please contact the avian vets & wildlife rescues in your area to find some help. Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you both.

  29. Hi just over two weeks ago early in the morning, I was out walking with my dog Zak (golden retriever) it was raining hard and very dark, Zak came towards me with a pigeon in is mouth. I took it off him put it in my coat and returned home. I couldn’t find any puncture marks or any real damage apart from the bird looked as if it may have fledged recently. It was soaked , so I kept it warm bought some pigeon food and put it in a cage which I had bought when’d Zak had found a baby squirrel 2 years ago. To get to the point it’s eating and drinking but it seems to struggle getting rid of its poo? I’ve cleaned it’s backside but I was wondering if I’m missing something? I was hoping to release it when it’s strong enough? I live in a semi rural area with fields all around, I feed the birds all year round and have quite a few resident pigeons. The wood pigeon is a male. If you could give me some advice in world be very much appreciated. Regards Carl

    • Hi, Carl- Thank you for helping this pigeon & for being committed to doing what’s best for him. Sounds like something is wrong & I recommend you connect with an expert rescuer in your area. You can find help at http://www.pigeonrescue.co.uk & at the Pigeon & Dove Rescue International group on Facebook too. Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you both.

  30. Thank you for your help kind regards Carl

  31. there are pidgeons in my barn, It is 30 degrees, I was walking in my yard with my cat following behind me when I saw a pigeon just sitting there. I said uh oh. My cat ran towards it as I chased after saying NO CAT! the pigeon could barely fly and flew about 10 feet before falling to the ground again. I kept the cat away. the pigeon laid on its side, The pigeon seemed drunk and contorted its body strange ways and went upside down. I took him inside and now he is on my lap. After petting him a while he is sleeping peacefully on my lap. Now what. What is wrong with him? I didn’t see any injuries??

    • Thank you for helping this poor pigeon. He may have a virus called PMV, or salmonella or be a victim of poison. He definitely needs help. Please find a pigeon-friendly rescue expert in your local area to help you help this bird. Depending on where you are located, you can find help on Pigeon Talk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums or the Pigeon & Dove Rescue International group on Facebook or the map link on our Resources tab or you may need to call around. In the meantime, please keep this poor pigeon warm, quiet & safe. There is a lot that an expert can do to save him if you find someone who cares. Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you both.

  32. U.K. Resident here. Got a pigeon on my flat balcony. It’s sitting on its tail and has its head lower than its neck, but not hanging as if broken. It can’t seem to fly, can flap its wings though. Not sure what’s wrong with it. Got some water and food left out for it, but don’t really want to get too close or scare it. Any idea what is wrong with the pigeon?

    • Hi, Cat- thank you for advocating for this pigeon. He may have head trauma from an impact injury or be suffering from wounds or soft tissue injury or be poisoned… There are good resources & people helping pigeons in the UK. Look them up at http://www.PigeonRescue.co.UK & post to the Pigeon & Dove Rescue International group on Facebook to get some local help for this pigeon. (Lure him indoors or catch him if you can so he’ll be help-able. Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you both.

  33. I recently started feeding birds on my balcony and one of my little viditors is Mohawk pigeon (it has a random feather sticking straight up on its head haha) anyway I noticed Mohawk pigeon has a hair tie stuck on his leg with hair attached and connecting to his other foot. I wanted to help him but he was too far away and flew off when he was done eating.

    Today, he was back and he came right down by the door to eat — my boyfriend and I want to catch him so we can help but am unsure how! By throwing a towel on him? I’m so worried about scaring the wee thing to death, I just want to take the hair tie off his leg! He’s just a random city pigeon.

    Please let me know the best way to catch him without giving him a heart attack, I really like Mohawk pigeon, my new friend!

    • Hello, Olivia- Thank you for noticing & being ready to help Mohawk. Being entangled like that is terrible for pigeons & causes a lot of suffering & premature death. The best way to catch him is to lure him indoors & then, once the door is closed behind him & he is confined indoors, catch him with your hands or a towel. You won’t hurt him. It will be scary but he can handle it & he needs the help! It’s much harder to catch a flighted bird outside & if you try & miss, he’ll be much spookier. If you have to try outside, rig up a dog kennel as a trap with food inside & pull the door shut with a string once he’s in. Here’s more info about “string foot”- http://www.pigeonrescue.org/faqs-2/how-do-pigeons-feet-get-injured/ Good luck!

  34. Thank you for all you’re doing to help these peaceful, loving creatures which so many people disparage. I do not need any assistance, but wanted to share my story. I first saw a young mourning dove pecking around on the sidewalk in San Francisco’s Financial District one late afternoon during rush hour. He was totally oblivious to the fact that dozens of people were nearly stepping on him as they hurried along. I watched him and at one point, he walked far out into the street, Fortunately for him, at that moment, there was a break in the traffic and no vehicles were coming. I actually ran out and chased him back up onto the sidewalk, terrified that he would be crushed by a bus. I’d worked in the Financial District for years and never saw a single dove till I saw him. I could not imagine this little guy competing with the bulkier pigeons for food and water. I also expected him to be stepped on any second, because he really had no fear of all the people walking around and over him. I was very worried about him, but decided to go eat and if he was still around the area when I returned, I would attempt to capture him since I did not expect him to be able to survive for very long in that harsh, competitive urban environment. I came back later with a large paper cup and lid and he was sitting half asleep by a building. It was dusk and I simply walked over and put the cup over him. He did not attempt to get away. I put the lid on the cup, put the cup sideways in my backpack and took a long BART ride home with him occasionally scratching on the cup in my backpack. I’ve watched doves nest in my yard and based on my observations of their young, I would estimate this dove was about a month old. Well, that was in 1995 and I still have him. In two weeks, he will be 21 years old and although he’s blind now, he’s still going. I kept him in my home, never caging him except at night, letting him share the house with me. I spent many years with him cooing nonstop, flying around, landing on my hand and running after me. He was never that messy and since he ate healthy food and clean water, his droppings were firm and very easy to clean up. It did not take long for him to decide I was his mate. As you know, doves mate for life, so there’s no divorce here. ; ) He has been the most amazing, loving, enjoyable companion. Yes, he wanted a lot of attention, but in return, he has loved me for a lifetime. (How often do we find that in life?) He’s displayed every emotion including love, jealousy, excitement, fear and affection. At this point, I have to help him find his seeds and I have to hold a cup up to him so he can drink water, but I don’t mind and will love and take care of him for as long as he’s here. If anyone has the chance to have a dove as a pet, they are wonderful, entertaining, devoted companions and they can actually learn to understand a few words. He understands his name and the words: seeds, food, water, drink, sunshine, bread. outside, bedtime, etc. I consider it a blessing that I met this precious bird that day and I would never think twice about doing it all again.

    • Thank you, Michael, for rescuing this little dove & giving him such a long & happy life! And thank you for sharing your story with us.

  35. My father found a pigeon right on the road, it has a broken foot and a twisted wing. We tried calling out to the animal refuge center but they won’t accept pigeons, crows, doves, etc. But we did manage to find a bird haven right outside of town, hopefully the little guy/girl can make it through the night. We gave the pigeon parakeet mix seeds and fresh water so maybe their is a chance.

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