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Get help & info for rescue & pet pigeons & doves from our Palomacy Facebook Group

Pigeon & dove-friendly Rescues in the US
(Birds always benefit from expert help! Contact the closest for a referral in your area.)

How to care for a pigeon or dove in an emergency

Reach out to Wildlife Rehabilitators for help with pigeons & doves (even domestics)
(Often Wildlife Rehabbers will help you to help a pigeon or dove in trouble. Always ask if they are ‘pigeon friendly’ and will care for pigeons rather than kill them as ‘nonnatives’.)

Where to find a local avian veterinarian

San Francisco Bay Area shelters that help pigeons & doves

Love animals- don’t exploit them (vegan resources)

Supporters & Partners of Palomacy

How to identify different types of pigeons


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