Introducing MickaCoo’s New Bird Health Care Coordinator!

Rescued pigeon perched on Zoe's head

Zoe and Slayer

It is with great pride and happiness that I introduce MickaCoo’s volunteer Bird Health Coordinator Zoe Martell (pictured here with her rescued friend Slayer)! While, and because, most shelters still consider euthanasia as the first choice for injured and/or ill pigeons and doves, MickaCoo prioritizes rescuing and caring for these most vulnerable of birds. MickaCoo works closely with Bay Area avian vets and we benefit greatly from their expertise and generous support. Zoe’s extensive rescue and rehab experience as well as her in-depth study of avian health care have made her an invaluable partner in this work- from intake assessment through treatment and long-term follow-up care. Zoe has been working hard these past months helping MickaCoo to save our most at-risk birds and we are so pleased that she has agreed to officially be our Bird Health Care Coordinator. Thank you, Zoe! 

Zoe Martell is a lecturer in Psychology at San Francisco State University.  She earned an M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 2003, and in 2013 she completed a dual degree program at San Francisco Art Institute. (M.A. in the History and Theory of Contemporary Art, Master of Fine Arts in Painting.)  She has always had a strong personal interest in biology and medicine. 

 In 2005, she rescued two baby feral pigeons, and became involved with the local SF Bay Area community of independent pigeon rescuers, as well as several online rescue forums.  She was fortunate to meet very experienced individuals who mentored her in learning the basics of diagnosis and rehabilitation of pigeons and doves, and she has since dedicated herself to learning as much as possible about pigeon and dove health. A self-proclaimed science nerd and ‘crazy pigeon lady,’ she reads avian medical textbooks and articles for fun.  She still has the two feral rescues that began her pigeon odyssey, and has added 15 more pigeons and 6 doves to the mix, not including the pigeons and doves she fosters for MickaCoo.



  1. Adorable picture! Thank you Zoe!

  2. Zoe,
    How wonderful to have your expertise available. Please weigh in with your thoughts on supplements that would be good to provide our two birds in addition to feed and grit.


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