Your Support Helped Baby Rumi

MickaCoo is changing the way the Bay Area responds to domestic pigeons like Rumi. In the past, they were routinely euthanized. Now they are treated with compassion, just as every creature should be.

This adorable baby king pigeon, barely 4 weeks old and bought from a live poultry market as “squab” wound up at San Francisco’s only open door shelter- SFACC. Because she was sick, they contacted MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue for help.

Rescued baby king pigeon (squab) at SFACC

Rescued baby king pigeon (squab) at SFACC

Though we are overfull and stretched beyond our resources, MickaCoo Advisory Committee Chair and super-active volunteer Cheryl chose to take on the care for this terrified baby. She named her Rumi. With Cheryl’s care and loving tenderness, Rumi is no longer paralyzed with fear and is making a swift recovery. Previously mute, she now squeaks with joy when she sees her foster mama. (Baby pigeons, also called “squeakers” squeak for their parents to feed them.) Rumi would gladly ride around in Cheryl’s arms all day if she could. Your support is what enabled us to save baby Rumi.

Rescued baby king pigeon

Baby king pigeon Rumi is happiest in her foster mom’s loving arms

With your support, MickaCoo is creating awareness about the plight and potential of domestic pigeons and doves. We have placed more than 500 in wonderful non-breeding, non-sporting forever homes and we’re caring for 100 more in our foster homes and aviaries. We have helped countless others with our hotline and humane education activity. And we’re seeing others follow our lead.

We believe that everyone deserves compassion and we’re committed, with your help, to closing this gap in the animal welfare community. We believe that helping to stretch the world’s compassion to include nonhuman animals like Rumi benefits everyone.

Thank you for supporting the unique work of MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue!

Update I’m very sorry to report that after her initial rally, Rumi took a downturn and was rushed to Medical Center for Birds for in-hospital care. Despite everyone’s best efforts and loving support, baby Rumi, too young and frail to overcome the bacterial and fungal infections attacking her, died on 6/20/13, another victim of the squab industry.

If you can, please join us tomorrow, Saturday June 8th at 2 PM for our second annual event This Flock Rocks! We would love to see you and thank you in person.

Join us for lots of fun!

If you can’t come tomorrow, please make a donation that will earn an extra 50% Bonus Match from GlobalGiving this Wednesday morning June 12th (Bonus Match funds run out early).

Earn a 50% Bonus Match for donations made Wednesday morning 6/12

Earn a 50% Bonus Match for donations made Wednesday morning 6/12

And have a very happy International Pigeon Day on Thursday, June 13th!

MickaCoo and baby Rumi and so many others thank you.


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