Global Giving PHOTO CONTEST 2014!

OFFICIAL CONTEST RESULTS: After an extensive audit of votes, the final results are in and MickaCoo’s photo of Homing pigeon Gracie rescued from a lab placed 7th out of of 75 stunning entries. So the bad news is we didn’t win. The good news is, we were honored as finalists in this contest; highlighted the worthiness of pigeons amongst so many inspiring projects; mobilized tremendous support (I’m still feeling energized by all the love shared!) and we have made many new friends for the pigeons. Thank you all very much and special thanks to Cheryl for sharing her beloved Gracie and to photographer Elisabeth Millay for the gift of this timeless image.

Amazing photos, worthy causes

Amazing photos, worthy causes

August 29 Update: Voting has ended. Preliminary results show Gracie’s photo in 6th place. Thank you for all of your votes, shares and great support! See Gracie’s rescue story here and please make a donation to support this life-saving, culture-changing work. Thank you!

Please vote for Gracie and help win compassion, honor and funds for pigeons & doves!

Beautiful white homing pigeon in loving adopter's hands

Homing pigeon Gracie was rescued from life as a test subject in a lab

We don’t always see the truth. In our culture, too many people see pigeons as somehow less than worthy of our respect and compassion. Beautiful pigeon Gracie, shown here in her adopter Cheryl’s loving hands, was bred to be used for “dove releases”. She was then purchased to be used in lab testing. Finally- she was rescued. Now she is safe, unexploited, cherished. This photo, shot by photographer and MickaCoo volunteer Elisabeth Millay, has been chosen as a finalist in the GlobalGiving Photo Contest 2014. Please help us help people to see who pigeons really are. Help us win this contest, the $1000 prize, the recognition and the honor. Please vote (once per person, email and verification required) and please- share this link and ask others to vote- We will need to inspire lots of voters between now and Friday August 29th to win this for the pigeons.

Read about Gracie’s rescue here: Lab Pigeons Can Count

Read the story of Cheryl & Super Dovee

See more of Elisabeth Millay’s MickaCoo photos

Thank you for helping MickaCoo to help save the lives of pigeons & doves.

Cheryl at home with pet pigeon

Volunteer & adopter Cheryl


Volunteer & photographer Elisabeth Millay with Opal

Please remember to vote and share!



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