Buttons Do Pigeons Proud!


Steph is making & donating hundreds of buttons to help the pigeons

Palomacy volunteers like Steph Fries share their talents and expertise so generously to help us help the birds!

On June 8th, I received this message from Steph:

Hello again, Elizabeth! I was thinking about how you were saying that Palomacy needs all the PR it can get especially since it never occurs to most folks that pigeons can be pets (and great ones at that!). I used to make pinback buttons for local bands as a side business when I was younger and I’ve thought about getting back into it again, more as a hobby than as a business this time. I’m working on getting another button press right now and I’d like to donate my time and supplies to make promotional buttons for Palomacy to pass out at events, free of charge. I don’t earn enough at my job to make regular monetary donations to Palomacy like I wish, so I thought this might be a good way to donate my time in a way that could have a real impact on getting pigeons into forever homes. Let me know if you think this is something Palomacy could use and benefit from. I’m excited to get the word out and help in any way I can. Thanks!

And here’s my response:

OMG! That’s a BRILLIANT idea, Steph! (And a very generous one too!) That would be awesome!!! Why have we never thought of that?! Imagine if all the people we talked to at events went away wearing a PIGEON BUTTON?!

20150630_172707 20150630_172819 20150630_173100  20150630_173036

And in less than two short weeks, I had the privilege of picking up a whole treasure trove of amazing pro-pigeon buttons which I have already distributed to volunteers and which Steph has already replenished! (And she’s busy at work making even more so that we can give them to the summer campers who attend our humane education presentations.)

East Bay SPCA Animal Campers

East Bay SPCA Animal Campers

And you too can show off your pigeon pride with Palomacy buttons! Email your address, tell us your favorite and volunteer/creator Steph will send to you! (You’re welcome to make an optional donation here if desired.)

Beatnik Pigeon

Beatnik Pigeon Button


Super Dovee Button

Feed the Birds Button

Feed the Birds Button

60s Pigeon Button

60s Pigeon Button

Blanco & Bean Button

Blanco & Bean Button

Steph writes, “It doesn’t occur to most folks that pigeons can be pets. Nearly everyone I’ve met at Palomacy adoption & outreach events initially seems confused as to why our pigeons & doves need homes in the first place. I wanted to find a fun & creative way to advocate for these birds, and buttons seemed like a great way to do that. The idea is that the buttons will pique people’s curiosity when they see folks wearing them and hopefully start an interesting and important conversation about pigeons as pets, the horribly cruel “sport” of pigeon racing, and why we rescue these brilliant, charming birds.”

And I can’t say it any better than that.

Your time, energy, creativity and compassion are the forces that power our culture-changing, life-saving work. Thank you!


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