Palomacy’s Calendar Photo Contest!


We are very excited to be hosting Palomacy’s first ever calendar photo contest and fundraiser!

Your photo entries and votes support Palomacy and count you among an amazingly caring network of people committed to our culture-changing work. Thank you for helping celebrate these incredible, under-appreciated birds every day of the year! We know how special pigeons and doves are and we are showing the world!

Please vote for your favorites ($1/vote)! Submit your photos ($5/entry)! Share for family and friends to vote! All proceeds will help Palomacy to help more birds. You are literally shaping Palomacy’s future with your support.


Built in buttons make it easy to share your entries with your friends and family and invite their votes in support of your beloved birds and Palomacy! It’s easy and fun! Already entered? Find yours here. Ready to get started, it’s easy here.

You can also elight your loved ones- birds or people- by reserving a day in the calendar especially for them.

And you can pre-order Palomacy 2017 Calendars as great gifts for those special bird-lovers in your life.

Together, we are making the world a kinder place- for pigeons and doves and everyone else. Thank you for being ambassadors for compassion. Thank you for supporting Palomacy.

Your help inspires ever-growing appreciation for pigeons and doves and raises life-saving funds for the birds! Please join us in making 2017 a truly wonderful year for these very special birds!


Enter and vote today! The contest ends 9 PM PT on 11/13/16.


Thank you! You are making every day a better one with your compassion.


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