Palomacy Donation Form

Palomacy is a donor-driven, volunteer-powered nonprofit rescue dedicated to finding non-exploitive, non-breeding forever homes for abandoned & homeless domestic (unreleasable) pigeons & doves. Your life-saving donations are tax deductible & you will receive a receipt for tax purposes. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact or 415 420-7204. On behalf of our ever-growing family of rescued birds, volunteers & adopters, thank you for your help!

(I.e. 16" x 24" framed photo Pij Love by Ingrid Taylar, retail $350, minimum bid $200)
Please contact or 415 420-7204 for assistance, home office shipping address, etc.

Thank you again for helping Palomacy help birds!


Rescued Baby King Pigeon Athena Thanks You

Rescued baby King Pigeon Athena


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