What’s Pigeon Racing?

Unfortunately, pigeon racing is a hobby that is deadly to the birds used. Pigeon racing hobbyists strive to selectively breed or purchase champions. They control every aspect of care in an effort to increase their chances of winning. Pigeon racers then release millions of domestic racing pigeons, hundreds of miles from their homes, in competitions most of the birds won’t survive. The birds aren’t racing at all. They are just flying their hearts out, trying to get back to their home. A great many will never get home. They will die trying to get home. Pigeon racers will tell you the birds that don’t make it home join up with flocks of feral Rock Pigeons. A very, very few do. Check every pigeon flock you see for banded birds. (Racing pigeons are banded.) You’ll rarely ever see one. Pigeon racers will tell you that feral pigeons die too. Yes. We all die. But Pigeon racers need to take responsibility for the needless suffering and deaths caused by their hobby. (The hobbyists actually kill lots of their own birds- culling the “inferior” or weak or ill. Read The Secret of the Champions.) Don’t breed animals and use them for your amusement. Don’t risk their lives for your fun. And, if you do, at least own it. Say yes, I know racing kills pigeons but I like it and I do it anyway. Read more here.

Not only racing kills pigeons, the racers do too.

Not only racing kills pigeons, the racers do too.

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