What are Pigeon Pants?

Rescued, unreleasable pigeons (of which there are so many) make great indoor pets. They are smart, good natured, easy going and quickly learn household routines. They bring lots of fun and happiness to your life. Pigeons, with a little patience, usually become very tame and friendly living indoors with you. And, thanks to pigeon pants, you can live together very comfortably! They don’t have to always be confined to a cage and instead can join you around the house. Pigeons prefer to be naked but they are very good sports about wearing pants and adjust quickly.  Read more about pigeons in pants.

Rescued king pigeon and MickaCoo volunteer

King pigeon Yuzu with his adopter Shae

Volunteer reassuring king pigeon at first outreach event

Cheryl talking to Takla

How to Put Pants on a Pigeon

Where to Buy Pigeon Pants (Please tell them Palomacy sent you!)


A. Fulmer Artistry

The Bird Boutique

Feathered Threads

Pampered Poultry (Extra Small Size)



Important Note: When out of doors, never “walk” your leashed pigeon. Keep him safe in your arms, protected from dogs, cats, hawks, getting spooked and lost, etc., relying on the leash only as back up in case of an emergency.


  1. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Would I be able to purchase 2 pairs of your pigeon pants and have them shipped here? If so, how much are they per pair, and how much would the shipping charges be?

    Linda Roberts

  2. Hello, Linda- we’re not really equipped to sell pigeon pants. (I wish we were!) That said, we do have some donated Do It Yourself Pigeon Pants kits. They include all the fabric and components needed (except needle & thread) and illustrated directions on how to sew up your pigeon pants. If you’re interested in these, please email me (you can find the address on our About page). The charge is $23/each (includes shipping within US). Or click the blue links right above your comment and you can buy pants from those pigeon pants sellers.

  3. Hello!
    I leave very far, in Europe, Portugal and found a pigeon a month and a half ago. Very baby. I fed him (or her) and taught to eat. He lived in my balcony, but he flew and fel on the street. Since then, he lives in a cage. I don’t feel confortable about releasing him in the street among so many dangers….
    Can’t find a safety place to release him, so i’m thinking about adopt him, but I do not like to see birds inside cages. The question is: will my 3 dogs (nice dogs) and my cat acept the pigeon? But most importante, can I buy a pant from you? In Portugal there are no pants for birds!

    • Hello, Helena- Thank you for helping this baby pigeon. Adopting a pigeon is a big commitment. They can live 15-20 years as pets. There are lots of pigeon rescuers all over the world and I’d encourage you to keep looking and find someone in Portugal who can help you help this pigeon. There is a lot to learn and it will really help the pigeon to have an expert involved. Regarding buying pants, we don’t sell them but there websites online that do (The Bird Boutique & BirdDiaper.com are the two we recommend.) Here’s an article that will tell you more about pigeons as pets but, if possible this pigeon would probably have the happiest, fullest life if he was expertly rehabbed and released. Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you both!

  4. Hello!
    When using pigeon pants like ones from the Bird Boutique, is there a liner, or do I just wash it? If there is a liner, how do I change it, and how often? Or does it come with instructions?
    Thanks so much!

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