Pigeon & Dove Friendly Rescues USA (Partial list)
& Palomacy Facebook Group (Join for help)

Pigeons in distress need expert help but sadly, many rescues turn them away. This map shows just a few that will help (we are always adding more). If you find a pigeon (or a dove) in need, please bring the bird indoors to safety and contact those closest and, if needed, ask for referrals to others closer. And, if you know of or find a good one, please provide their name, address and contact info in a comment below so we can add them to the map.

You’re also invited to join our Palomacy Facebook Group to crowdsource quick help. (Post a photo, your location & the situation for best support.)

Thank you for your compassion.







  1. Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (CBCM) is an all volunteer bird conservation project that operates under the auspices of
    the Chicago Audubon Society.

    Urgent reports must be phoned into our hotline:
    CBCM Hotline: 773 988-1867
    Bird emergencies only!

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  4. Can someone please help me? I live in Winona Minnesota and a banded pigeon has been in my yard for about a week now. I don’t know what to do. The DNR yold me to just leave it. The humane society said there is nothing they can do. I afraid it is gonna freeze to death!! Help!

  5. We found a racing banded racing pigeon in distress. We took him in and found his owner and was told just to release he. We have tried twice but he thinks we are his home. The owner does not seem very interested in his return so we have been taking care of him. We named him Walter. We rescue wildlife and have several squirrels at the moment . They are in his cage and he’s not happy about it. We would consider keeping him but he would probably be happier with other pigeons . I would like to either find a rescue or find out how to tell if he is really a she and find him a companion . We took him to a place where dozens of pigeons live and he was not interested and beat us home. He is living in our house because his outdoor cage is occupied. What do you suggest we do?

  6. Hi, thanks for the info. I found an adolescent rock pigeon that is missing one eye, huddling on the sidewalk a few nights ago and brought it home. I am having trouble finding anyone to help it. It seems to be doing ok, eating a lot, but I don’t have the resources to take it to the vet as our dog just had expensive surgery. If anyone knows a someone here in Portland, OR that might help it, a referral would be appreciated.

    I did leave a phone message with the nearest group on your map, Northwest Bird Rescue, but have not heard back yet.

    • PS, I’ve been feeding it a fortified birdseed mix from the pet store meant for parakeets, canaries, finches and other small birds. It seems to like it, is this ok food for it?

  7. Hi, after getting a lot of very helpful info from your website and facebook, I ended up taking an injured dove to Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary in Woodstock, MD. They were very caring and knowledgeable, and were able to heal her broken wing. Please add them to your map (:

  8. I know of Bruce Caron in Lomita, CA and he rescues pigeons and doves. He can be reached at 310-218-6548. I took a King pigeon to him a few years ago, as it had medical issues I wasn’t equipped to handle at the time, and he took the bird in without pause. Great guy!

  9. Wildlife Rescue Association of BC in Burnaby, British Columbia rescues and rehabilitates Rock Pigeons
    5216 Glencarin Drive Burnaby BC

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