Angel: Standing Tall

On September 26th, I received this Email: “Hello, My name is Dr. VanGilder and I have a patient named “Angel” presented to me at Four Seasons Animal Hospital who is in need of your help. She is a wonderful, bright, spunky bird who has an angular limb deformity of the left leg, limiting her mobility. Her owner loves her very much but doesn’t feel that she can provide the care she deserves.  We are left with the choice between humane euthanasia and rehoming. I am hopeful that you can help us find a fostering/adoption situation that will give this pigeon a second lease on life.”  MickaCoo is struggling to stay aloft with never enough funding and always more birds than capacity to help them and so taking responsibility for Angel was not the easy choice it should have been. She couldn’t stand, walk or fly and would need expensive corrective surgery and lots of supportive care if she was to have any chance for a full life. Here’s her story. Please make a donation towards her care if you can. (Click on the first photo to see the images full size.)

See Angel’s Update


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