MickaCoo @ ASPCA Voices for Animals Day in Sacramento

MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue joined the ASPCA’s California Voices for Animals Day event at the State Capitol on May 7th. The event was a great opportunity to increase awareness about and compassion for bird rescue. We enjoyed having the opportunity to mingle with other animal welfare advocates as well as meet with legislators. Extra special thanks to Christiana for using a vacation day to work in support of the birds!

Sacramento Fox TV 40 Interview



  1. Looking for a best solution for my male elderly white dove. I have cared for him for 28+ years. Over time, he has lost all of his feather companions to old age and is very alone. His wings are pretty weak but otherwise in good health. I am unable to locate an older female dove and I do not even know if that is in either of our best interest. I want the very best for him and am not sure if that just means allowing him to be alone with me until he passes, find him company or consider bringing him to a facility like this where he is with others like birds. Your facility was referred to me by Marin SPCA.

    • Hi, Sharee- Thank you for wanting what’s best for your old man dove, bless his heart. What’s his name? He’s lucky to have you! I’ve heard of doves living 25 years but I think 28 is the oldest I’ve heard about. You must be taking great care of him! I think it would be best either for him to stay with you as a single pet where you serve as his best friend and daily companion or that you adopt a gentle hen for him to bond with. I don’t think rehoming him would be good. Change is always hard and after a long life with you, I doubt he wants to start over someplace new. Regarding surrendering him to a shelter or rescue, they are always full up (we currently have 104 pigeons and doves fostered in the homes and yards of 18 volunteer guardians) and I doubt that would improve his quality of life beyond that he has with you. I will email you for more info about how he is living- indoors with you or outside alone in an aviary, etc.? (He shouldn’t be outside alone.)


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