Order Your 2015 Palomacy Calendars Here!

2015-Calendar-Promo- sold out

Our all new 2015 Wall Calendar – introducing Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions- is here. (See What Is Palomacy? for more info about our name change.)

It is our best ever! Each month features a special inspiring rescue story about one (or more) of our birds helped in 2014. While supplies last, you can order:

Wall Calendar ($20 for 1, $36 for 2, plus $3 shipping in the US) SOLD OUT!


Desk Calendar ($15 for 1, $26 for 2, plus $2 shipping in the US) SOLD OUT!

Desk Calendars SOLD OUT IMG_2461

To order yours, please email Elizabeth and include the quantity and your shipping address. We will be accepting payment via our donation system (half of the price benefits the birds!) and can accept credit cards, PayPal and checks (see link for details).

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your compassion. We look forward to helping a lot of birds and the people who love them in the coming year.



  1. Don’t mind which….and do you sell the pigeon pants…thank you..ps i’m in the uk

    • Hi, Julie! We do have some pigeon pants available. What size bird and what sort of colors do you like? They are beautiful, brand new pants & leash sets which normally sell for $45 but which we are offering for $40. I can ship your calendar and pigeons pants both at the same time. Shipping to the UK is $13. Please email me (see above) with your info.

  2. Hello, I just emailed a calendar request, I forgot to include that I have a blind white pigeon, named Crash. I love the photo in your calender of the pigeon flying and hanging onto its owners hand. Crash does that!
    I see you have some pigeon pants? Are they the flight suits from avian fashions or another type? I have a flight suit for crash but wanted to try another design as well.
    I love flight suits but also like the designs with the open harness and pooh catcher.

  3. Greetings! Our rescued magic show/circus dove, George, sends greeting to California friends from Michigan! We are wondering if you will have a calendar for 2016.

    Kind regards,

    George, and George’s people: Kathy, Kezia, and Eloise


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