Palomacy 2015 Year in Review

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With your help, we accomplished so much this past year! The concept of Palomacy- pigeon diplomacy- is being embraced and put into action all over. Palomacy is more than the name of a rescue, it is a movement. We’ve engaged new partners in support of pigeon rescue; we’ve built beautiful, safe aviaries for birds who otherwise would have no place to be. Our ever-strengthening presence on social media is helping to bring together pigeon and dove lovers from all over the world. Together, we saved hundreds of birds in 2015 and we are better positioned than ever to make a unique difference in 2016. Thank you for helping us to inspire compassion and save lives. I’ve put together a slideshow review of Palomacy in 2015. Check it out. You’ll be amazed to see all that you helped make happen (and this is only a fraction of what we did)!

Thank you for being part of our life-saving, culture-changing community!

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, peaceful and compassionate new year.



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