Nutritional Recommendations for Pigeons & Doves

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In addition to a high-quality seed diet, there are a few things I feel are crucial to maintaining optimal bird health. The first is a good multivitamin/multimineral supplement, containing calcium and vitamin D3. Indoor birds, and even outdoor birds who get limited direct sunlight, are often deficient in vitamin D3, which can lead to myriad problems in the long term. Without D3, birds cannot properly use calcium, even if it is plentiful in their diets, and this can lead to problems with brittle bones, the production of soft shelled eggs, and neurological problems. Vitamin A deficiencies are also common in birds who eat seed-only diets, and can cause major health problems if not identified and treated. A good supplement can prevent problems before they start.

A product that I favor is Lambco “Ultra Vitamin and Mineral Super Supplement,” which can be purchased through New England Pigeon Supply. This is a mixture of seeds, plant extracts, nutritional oils, and additional vitamins and minerals that can be sprinkled on top of the bird’s regular feed. I do this three times a week. My birds love them! (Please note that the birds’ droppings will appear a bit red the day after eating this mixture, due to the beet powder contained in them.)

Lambco "Ultra Vitamin & Mineral Super Supplement"

Lambco “Ultra Vitamin & Mineral Super Supplement”

For optimal intestinal and immune health, I feel that probiotics make a tremendous difference. I like a product called HealthGard, which can be purchased from Siegel’s pigeon supplies. It is added to the drinking water, and leaves no residue whatsoever. I use probiotics three times a week all year long.

HealthGard Probiotics

HealthGard Probiotics

To help maintain healthy digestive system, organic apple cider vinegar is a winner! Any unfiltered variety that contains the “mother” (the nutrient-rich sediment) works well. I purchase mine from Vitacost, and the price can’t be beat. (2 tsp per gallon of drinking water once or twice a week).

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

I also recommend a garlic supplement, which is fantastic for feather health, digestive health, and overall immune function. You can purchase either garlic oil (added to feed) or garlic juice (added to water.) My personal favorite is the garlic juice made by Dr. Pigeons, which can be purchased through New England Pigeon Supply. One capful to a gallon of drinking water, once or twice a week, is sufficient.

Garlic Juice

Garlic Juice

As my very wise grandmother used to say, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” I’ve certainly found that to be true where health is concerned, for birds as well as for people.

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By Zoe Martell, Bird Health Care Coordinator, Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions


  1. I use liquid calcium supplement every other week plus liquid vitamins on other week plus lots of greens (parsley stems/ water-cress stems / basil flower buds +stems etc and so on

    my bird was found as baby pigeon – gave it garlicy water too – plus she also gets gravel w charcoal/ bits of shells that are usually given to parakeets

    Am glad to see more about nutrition for birds – when i first got the pigeon i went to homing pigeon sites

  2. Thanks, Zoe, for these great recommendations. I just ordered the vitamin & mineral supplement for my four pigeons. I’ll start using the apple cider vinegar, too!

  3. Zoe, thank you so much for these excellent suggestions (AND the others re: preventive care–the info. on canker & parasite treatments is VERY helpful!). I sprinkle a little LambCo supplement on the seed mix for my two pigeons three times a week and they love it! I also use the Health-Gard and apple cider vinegar, both several times/week. It is GREAT to have this guidance when there is such diverse info. floating around out there on the Internet….and so many “pigeon products” to choose from. I know your advice is based on years of experience in caring for pijies and keeping your own flock healthy, so I trust it fully. Again, thank you! (from Mr. Bird & Buddy too) ☺

  4. hi! Lambco is discounted. Any other suggestions for a powder vitamin/mineral supplement?

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