Pigeons As Pets: Outside or Indoors

King Pigeon Yuzu (wearing pants) with his adopter Shae

King Pigeon Yuzu (wearing pants) with his adopter Shae

Pet lovers are embracing the joys of adopting dogs and cats from shelters in ever greater numbers, but few people realize how many birds there are in shelters and rescues needing to be adopted.

Pigeons Make Great Pets — And They Need Our Help

I started Palomacy (originally named MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue) in San Francisco, CA when I discovered domestic (unreleasable) pigeons were being killed in shelters for lack of homes. Pigeons such as Kings, Fantails, Tumblers and Homers are smart, beautiful and gentle birds. They’ve been selectively bred and tamed and, while they can’t survive in the wild, they thrive as pets. Many pigeons (and other birds as well) wind up in animal shelters, either surrendered or found as strays, but they need adopters to get out alive.

Pigeons make great pets both indoors as part of the family or outside in a rodent and predator-proof aviary.

Adopter Helen and her flock of six pigeons are very happy with their aviary

Adopter Helen and her flock of six pigeons are very happy with their aviary

Pigeons as Pets in an Outdoor Aviary

Rescued pigeons can’t be safely flown (they are easy targets for hawks and cats) and so, when outside, must be protected in an aviary. It needs to be predator-proof (sturdy and securely built all the way around including top and bottom), rodent-proof (use 16 gauge or better hardware mesh with openings half inch or smaller) and include a sheltered corner that will stay shady on the hottest days and dry during the rainiest. No one has ever wished for a smaller aviary so make it as big as possible. Minimum size for four birds would be at least 6 feet long by 4 feet deep and 6 feet high.

Pigeons excel at the leisure arts and spend their time bathing, preening, lounging in the sun, foraging for favorite seeds, watching the sky, napping, showing off and courting. Every four to five weeks, mated couples will lay a pair of eggs (which need to be replaced with fake eggs for pigeon birth control) and take turns sitting on them. Pigeons are extremely devoted to their family and mate for life. They require fresh food and water and a quick poop-scrape daily and a thorough aviary cleaning weekly. Pigeons are beautiful, peaceful and full of personality. With time and attention, most can be hand-tamed. All can be befriended. It’s easy to create a charming, attractive and safe aviary for rescued pigeons.

West of England Tumblers Beau & Cher are devoted mates

West of England Tumblers Beau & Cher are devoted mates

Pigeons as Indoor Pets

Pigeons can also live inside with the family. They need a big cage for their home base (a double-flight cage or an extra large dog kennel is a good size for a pair) with daily out-of-cage time to stretch their legs and wings and have some fun. They’ll walk around more than fly and will pick out some favorite spots for hanging out. Pigeons are smart, easy going birds that quickly learn household routines. They do fine in homes with other pets and can live peacefully and unafraid with dogs and cats as long as they are kept safe. Pigeons are very emotional and do need a BFF, whether another bird or a human with whom they can spend the day. (Home all alone in a cage isn’t a good life for a pigeon.)

Janelle & Beep chat up Petey & Pineapple in their double-flight cage

Janelle & Beep chat up Petey & Pineapple in their double-flight cage

Using Pigeon Pants for Indoor Birds

The main inconvenience to having pigeons as indoor pets is probably their droppings. Healthy pigeon poop is odorless and not too hard to manage with hardwood or tile floors or with strategic placement of liners. Pigeons can also be potty trained or they can wear pigeon pants! Pigeon pants are adorable little harnesses with a diaper to catch droppings. The pants are easy to put on and pigeons tolerate them well. Once dressed, they can walk and fly around the house and sit on laps and shoulders poop-free. The diaper, lined with half a panty-liner, should to be changed every 3 hours.

Frances flirting with his teddy bear

Frances flirting with his teddy bear

Share the Word: Pigeons Need and Deserve Good Homes

I absolutely adore hearing my pet pigeon Frances pitter-pattering around the house on his little pink feet. He’ll do his own thing for a while (lounging in the sun or strutting in front of a mirror) and then come looking for me and always brings me a smile when he comes.

There are lots and lots of beautiful, sweet, innocent domestic pigeons like Frances in need of homes. Lacking survival skills, they cannot be released into the wild and, if they aren’t adopted, they are killed. Please share this story with everybody you know. Most people are completely unaware of the plight of birds in shelters.

If you’d like to adopt, please complete our online adoption application.

Please visit our Donate Page to see the ways that you can help support this unique effort.

Click here to download our flyer about adopting pigeons and doves.

The birds and I thank you!



  1. Hi,

    I’ve adopted a Pigeon who got lost and whose owner didn’t seem very interested to come and get him cos he was way off where he was meant to be. He has a nice cage and I let him out all the time. He’s been with us about two and a half months now but he still is very suspicious of myself and my girlfriend and always maintains a two foot radius.

    Any ideas on how to make him a bit more friendly? I thought he’d have twigged by now that we weren’t going to eat him!


    • I love the fact that u got interested to adopt a pigeons ..!!! I rascu one that failed from the nest and couldn’t fly she have been with me for 3 years . She was the best think that ever happened in my life in friendship relaruonship meaning .. I am French we love pigeons , we think that they are beautiful and smart .. In America they take u to jail if u feed them , it dam .. The pigeons are so smart that they were used as spy’s during the war .. I have had the most amazing experience with mine she even learned how to play piano .. It hard to believe bit I have a video I of her .. Making the story short .. My pigeon started to spent the nights out she came every day to eat play some music and hang out but she didn t show up for 2 days now .. I am hart broken .. Anyway ., for ur question .. The best way to get ur pigeon more friendly u have to get ther trust .. By feeding him personally don t just put food in a plate give him little but at the time with ur hand .. If u want more spesefic a feel free to call me will explained better .. And perhaps will shoe u the photos and videos of my pg copter ..:) my phone is (415) 623- 8816 merci for ur compassion!!!

    • We just had this same situation happen to us. Now that I hear about the culling, I hope he doesn’t want him back. Is it possible to put them in a closed crate/ shelter at night and then let them fly free during the day? He won’t let us get close enough to trap him, and I really hate to cage a free flying bird. We have 6 dogs and an African grey parrot (caged since birth). I don’t know that we could bring him in the house and make it work. Our grey doesn’t like other birds and our pups are pretty rambunctious. I want to do the best thing for him, just not sure what that is.

      • Hi, Ben- Thank you for looking out for this pigeon. I hear & appreciate your concerns and there aren’t always easy answers. A domestic pigeon can sometimes survive in the wild if he hooks up with a wild flock of Rock Pigeons. Surviving alone is more difficult- security comes with the flock. Here are our recommendations for what to do – http://www.pigeonrescue.org/faqs-2/racing-pigeon-making-his-home-in-my-carport-what-should-i-do/ Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you and to him.

      • Hi, about a month ago I rescued a 4 week old baby pigeon from being buried alive on a construction site. 2 weeks later I had to rescue 2 more, presumably brother and sister, (same nest).
        When I only had Gabby, the first rescue, he had to be hand fed, taught to drink etc. he would always fly to me, sit on my hand, shoulder etc. now he has “buddies” and is wing slapping me and pecking at me.
        I have 2 questions, 1.) can I get him back to being more friendly?
        2.) will the odd pigeon be okay without a mate. I read that they marry for life. They all get along okay but will the odd one be lonely and depressed? Thank you

        • Hi, Nancy-

          Thank you for helping these pigeon youngsters. Where do you live? It would be best if you were able to connect with a pigeon-friendly wildlife rehabber so as not to be making pets out of wild birds. (There are so many captive, unreleasable/domestic pigeons in need of homes!)

          Regarding the change in behavior, what you’re seeing is normal transtition from dependent youngster to independent young adult.

          My philosophy is that the bird is never wrong. I don’t try to change them. I love them for whoever they are. Some are friendlier than others, some are very feisty, some are aloof… I’d recommend respecting each bird as an individual and striving to either help them get rehabbed and released by a pigeon-friendly wildlife expert or just accept them for who they are, with no expectations.

          Pigeons are all about being a part of a mated couple so it is likely there will be some drama between 3 pigeons. It’s possible one will decide that you are their marriage partner and be very commited to you (and needy) or, if you have one male and two females, it *may* work out but if you have two males, there will be a lot of conflict.

          Pigeons in captivity can live 20+ years… While it may be too late to get these pigeons rehabiltated and released, I think you should really connect with an expert and see if they might still have the chance to live as free birds. Here’s a map to just a few of the pigeon-friendly rescuers around the US. There are also lots of groups on Facebook… good luck to you and these pigeons.

          Thank you for helping them. Thank you for your compassion.


  2. Hi, Jonathan. Thank you so much for helping this pigeon. Birds are prey animals and shy of predators like us by nature. But that said, pigeons are very smart and with patience, kindness and lots of trust-building, you can win his affection. Try to make all of your interactions calm and non-threatening and positive. Offer him his favorite seeds (often safflower or hemp or chopped non-salted peanuts) in your open hand and, if he won’t take them, just put drop them in his dish so he can see that your hand brings good news. In time, you’ll gain his trust. (All pigeons are individuals though and so how close you become will depend on you both.) Read through the blog here to see stories of pigeons becoming friendly. You can also see lots of stories and pictures at http://www.Facebook.com/MickaCooRescue.

  3. I found a pigeon of 20 days when he fell off his nest, I fed him like a baby, saw him growing, changing his voice and his new tail. since he arrived he filled the house with joy and poo, his name is martincito and loves the mirror, watch tv, fly with other pigeons, taking baths, trees and food. He is now 8 months old and he is the king of the house, Such a sweet creature, so quiet and loving, wish I had a pigeon before, thanks martincito for your love.

  4. heyy great to hear that plz find him a mate so that they can’t start reproducing n multiply.

  5. hi am kevin it’s justice that am finding it abit difficult trying to rear pegeons. every time I buy aeast a pairs they’re just end up getting lost or even preyed on.please help me..

    • Hi, Kevim- It sounds like you are keeping your pigeons in unsafe conditions! Please- before you put any more innocent birds at risk, get some expert help to create a safe and healthy environment. AND please DON’T BREED pigeons! There are too many homeless pigeons that can’t be released nor get adopted and that are killed. Please- don’t buy, don’t breed- adopt rescued pigeons!

  6. So my dad found this famcy looking pigeon and we have had it for years but I live in colorado and he’s in his inside cage in the basement where I sleep and he is always loud and constantly how can I get him too not be like that

    • Hello, Joshua- Single pigeons will call because they are lonesome and trying to find a mate. (Pigeons are all about being married.) Does this pigeon have a good quality of life? If he’s just living alone in a cage in a basement, it doesn’t sound like it. Perhaps you can help this pigeon to have a happier life- either by improving his living quarters and adopting a mate for him (and replacing their real eggs with fake eggs so that they don’t reproduce!) or by finding him a wonderful new home where he would be a welcome family member. You can find other pigeon lovers in your area by visiting Pigeon Talk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums. Good luck to you and the pij.

  7. In May of last year a white pigeon started coming around to my feeders. He is a lot bigger than the other birds so we named him Fat Dave.

    I started to get concerned about Fat Dave because he didn’t seem like a wild bird. He pretty much stayed right by the feeders and didn’t seem overly skittish about people. When we had a cold spell, Dave tried to follow my dog into the house. I felt bad for him (he was shivering) so I gave him run of the laundry room in the carport. I set him up with a space heater and feed him twice daily. Dave has lived in there for a few months full time and only comes out to take a dip in the bird bath now and then.

    I’ve been out of town for three days and my son has been feeing Dave. I got home late tonight and Dave was gone! My son says he’s been coming in and out. I’m worried. At this point the bird is family, I love him and I’m concerned that my being gone made him leave. I’m worried he won’t come back and I don’t think he can feed himself.

    I hope to see him in the morning. I’m baffled why he’d stay gone at night and sleep somewhere else. I’m very upset about his absence.

    When he returns, I wonder if I should get a cage to keep him in? Or if I should turn him over to someone who already has pigeons (I would rather see him safe and taken care of and keep him, if I can’t manage his care). I rent a house so a permanent outdoor structure would not be an option. Is there a type of structure that could move with me?

    I am worried about Dave and his care when he returns. Any advice would be most appreciated.

    • Thank you for helping Dave. He sounds like either a King or Homing pigeon and in either case is domestic and unable to survive in the wild for long.

      Where do you live? You need to look for him- he wouldn’t have gone far but likely will need help to get home. You should put up flyers in your neighborhood with his picture (or something that looks like him from Google Images), post to craigslist & contact your area shelters and wildlife rescues. Tell them you’re looking for a lost white pigeon.

  8. It makes me happy to see these posts. How I found pigeons was through volunteering at a bird refuge. Out of eagles, hawks, falcons, song birds, etc. I fell in love with pigeons…in my opinion they have the most personality, I felt like I could really bond with them, and the fact that they never strayed to far after release made them my favorite friend. Over the years I have become a volunteer caretaker of abandoned or injured birds. I have had the ultimate gift of being handed 9 baby homing pigeons one day in July of 2012. Right out of the egg, eyes still closed. Thanks to my skills from working at the refuge I knew exactly how to care for them. I banded them all with bright orange bands that had my name and phone number printed on the. They were like my kids. My neighbors ended up shooting and killing all but one of them. That last pigeon ended up living with me, he was so attached that even if I tried to let him go from a distant place he wouldn’t leave my side, and I know from flying pigeons they immediately gather their perception of where they are going and start to fly in that direction. They usually get to my front door before I do. But not this special little homer, he was so scared, he wouldn’t leave my side. I decided he’d be my best little friend forever. His name is Squirt, and he is the best little homer any pigeon fancier could ever ask for.

  9. I need someone to take about 15 pigeons,moving to Texas and
    cannot take them with me.I live
    in Los Angeles,Ca,phone # (323)
    734-2604. Thank you, Bobbie

    • I’m so glad that you found a good home for your pigeons, Bobbie. People please- don’t buy, don’t breed- ADOPT! And keep your pets with you as your family! Don’t leave them behind when you move. If you can’t take your pets with you, you’re moving to the wrong place.

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  11. I used to feed pigeons in my yard and they became tame, they sat on my head and in my lap. I moved, and, amazingly there aren’t pigeons around the place.I decided to adopt a pigeon so I read this blog to see if I can. I think I can take all the responsibilities, I’m sure of it. Thank you very much for posting this.

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  13. I’ve read these posts and find them very enlightening!

  14. Hi im makena I cought a wild grown up pigeon and i want to keep it should i?

    • Hi, Makena- If the bird is healthy and able to live free, then you should release him back to his free life! He’s got a mate and either eggs or babies to help care for. He deserves to get back to his real life. If the pigeon is sick, weak or injured, you should get him to an expert wildlife rehabber that helps pigeons ASAP. If for some reason, once treated, the pigeon can’t live free, then you could keep him and give him a good life as a pet (if you’re prepared to make the commitment).

  15. My partner and I found a four-day old baby pigeon that had fallen out of the nest and been trapped in pigeon spikes in Sydney, Australia. We hand-reared Beaky, got an avian specialist to give him a cast ( as his hips/leg had been displaced from the pigeon spikes and otherwise he would not have walked), and he’s now a happy 17 month old boy! He has his own room to play in and is known in the local area as he goes to cafés with us in his carrier….
    I’ve had many dogs, cats, budgies and cockatiels, however, for love, cuddles and personality Beaky is unsurpassed!!!!
    What you are doing with increasing awareness of rescue pigeons as pets is wonderful!!!
    Karen and Beaky

  16. I love wild pigeons I think they are beautiful. I had no idea you could really have a pet pigeon til I saw one on an adoption website. If you adopt a single pigeon how to you adopt another bird? Do pigeons have friends or only mates? How do you know that your pigeon will like the second pigeon you adopt? Do the pigeons need to be of the same breed of pigeon?

    • Hello, April. Only unreleasable feral or domestic pigeons (birds that can’t live free & survive in the wild) should be kept as pets. (Please never make a free bird captive.) Pigeons are all about having a mate and, if they can’t have an opposite sex mate, will often bond with a same sex mate. (Two hens will usually bond more easily than two henrys but male-male couples do develop sometimes. Other times, they remain rivals.) Pigeons can connect with different breeds but should not be housed with doves (size differential is too great and a single conflict can be fatal for the dove). I’d recommend connecting with a pigeon-knowledgeable and experienced person in your area to work with that can help you adopt and learn about caring for pigeons (rather than learning the hard way). We’re in the SF Bay Area of Northern CA but you can find pigeon lovers all over the world on Facebook and at Pigeon Talk (www.pigeons.biz/forums). Thank you for appreciating pigeons and for making adoption your option!

  17. I’m a veterinary assistant and one of the doctors I work with often raises and rehabilitates injured or abandoned animals. She took in a wild pigeon and treated its physical injuries but it is having trouble learning to fly again and will likely never survive in the wild. She can’t keep this bird because of her other pets. I would like to take it in, especially since it will be euthanized if no one can provide a home. Keeping wild animals as pets is illegal, but since some pigeons are pets, and a licensed DMV says it can’t return to the wild, I’m not sure about the legal status of this particular bird. Any thoughts?

    • Unless this bird is a native (like a Band Tailed Pigeon), it is legal to keep. Feral & domestic pigeons have no protection under the law. You’ll never regret having a pet pigeon. They are incredibly emotionally intelligent, adaptable and charming. Thank you for helping her!

  18. Hi! There has been a black and white pigeon hanging out in my yard for a couple days. I’ve fed it and given it water for the last few days. I know its someones pet because of the tag on its leg, I called the number but the owner doesn’t seem to care. I’ve been thinking about keeping the pigeon because I have grown to like having it around and I found out that he/she wont be able to survive in the wild for long. I’m not sure how to go about bringing it inside though. It is pretty comfortable around me (it comes up to me and eats from my hand) if I try to pick it up he/she will just open their wings. I don’t know what kind of pigeon it is. Anything helps? Thanks. :)

    • Hello, Erin- Thank you for helping this pigeon. Please open a door into your home of garage and lure the pigeon in with food. Once he’s inside, close the door behind him and then you’ll be able to catch & help him. Or, if he will land on you, walk slowly into your open door (have kids & pets locked up so as not to spook him). Where do you live? I can have one of our volunteers contact you to provide more info. The pigeon is living on borrowed time outside and is at risk from hawks, cats, owls, ravens, etc. Please help him to get safe. We call what he’s doing “self rescue”. Here’s a link to a great story about another clever self-rescuing pigeon- http://www.pigeonrescue.org/2013/04/30/pigeon-self-rescues-through-the-cat-door/

      Thank you!

  19. I rescued a pigeon boy last August. I found him 3 days old on my roof. His name is Loki and I’m going to be moving so I can’t keep him. I want to find a good home for him how should I go about it?

    • Hello, Ashleigh. Thank you for helping Loki when he was a baby. I am reminded of the quote by Antoine de Saint Exupery,’Many have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.‘ My first suggestion would be for you to reconsider rehoming him. You’re his person. He’s bonded to you and depends on you. Why move some place where you must give up the life you took into your care? But, if you truly can no longer care for Loki, then reach out far and wide to all the animal-loving communities in your area. Create an “Adopt Me” post about Loki that explains who he is, what kind of pet he is and what he needs to be happy. Share that info throughout your network, through social media and to avian vets, wildlife rehabbers, bird rescuers, etc. etc. Make sure that whomever you consider knows how to care for Loki properly (can’t just be left in any old cage outside or live in the yard, etc.) And make sure you review and approve the home before letting anyone take Loki. It’s easy to give a pigeon away (people use them for all kinds of terrible things) but it takes a little work to find a good home for a pigeon.

      • Thank you for your advice. Create a adopt me post on this website? I truly don’t want to give up my baby but I’m left no choice, moving is out of my control.

  20. My neighbor has 20-30 homing pigeons who used to get out several times a day to fly then back into a fairly small coop. The owner is getting old and does not care for the birds anymore. The birds have not been let out in over a month! I’m not sure who feeds or waters them. I have left several messages with the family but no response. How can I help these birds?

    • Hello, Nancy- Thank you for noticing and caring about the birds’ plight. Where are you located? If it was me, I’d visit with the owner first and see what sort of help or support he wants/is willing to accept and see if animal welfare/rescue advocates in the area can help. If you feel like the birds are abused and/or suffering from neglect, you’ll need to involve animal care services in your area. It’s really important that these birds be prevented from breeding as the 20-30 will be 40-60 in no time! Here’s a link to pigeon birth control info. and I’ll email you our flyer on the subject as well. Also- please make sure that anyone and everyone involved with helping these birds knows that they cannot be “released” and expected to survive.

  21. Hello, first of all I want to say that I have nothing but respect and admiration for MickaCoo, you guys are wonderful for caring for these beautiful and underappreciated birds. I wish there was a similar organization in San Diego…at the wildlife rescue I work at we get a few domestic pigeons here and there and I always try to find them homes with our volunteers. it’s usually not a problem because all our volunteers love pigeons (who wouldn’t, especially after working with them??) but every so often we have to turn them over to Animal Services, and I don’t know how hard they try to find adopters before euthanizing.

    Anyway, I have a pet fantail, Kiwi, that I adopted from the wildlife rescue I used to work at in Sacramento. He (at least I think he’s a he) is very bonded to me, but I am constantly worried that his quality of life could be better. I keep him in a finch flight cage (about 3 by 2 by 2 feet) at night and when I’m away, and give him free reign of my room (hardwood floors, easy to clean up after ;) whenever I’m home. I like to think I am a good pigeon wife, as good as a human can be at least, but I worry that since I work often he gets lonely and bored. I would hate to adopt another pigeon only to have them fight all the time, or for him to fall in love and not want to be affectionate towards me anymore (selfish, I know).

    So, to make a long story short, should I adopt another pigeon? Would I be able to bring Kiwi with me to meet potential pigeon friends and make sure they got along? I am moving back up north to Davis, CA in 2 weeks, so I’ll be somewhat in the area.

    Again, thank you for all you do for pigeons and doves, and sorry for the novel of a comment!

    • Thank, Julia, for your kind words and for rescuing Kiwi. We’d love to help you adopt a friend for him and you could also find a friend for him at Wildlife Care Association in Sacramento. I’ll email you.

  22. Hi
    My neighbour has about 60 fantail pigeons nesting on the back roof of his house and all over his back garden. He has put numerous dog kennels up on the roof to house them. Aside from this being an eyesore, could it be dangerous from a hygiene perspective?

    • Hello, Nicole- no, I wouldn’t consider them a risk to humans (you can read more about that at PiCas Pigeon Control Advisory Serivce) but the way they are being cared for sounds risky for them. Sixty pigeons is a big flock and your neighbor is probably allowing them to breed. We recommend against breeding because there are already so many domestic (unreleasable) pigeons like his in need of homes at shelters and rescues. It also sounds like they may not have adequate protection. Pigeons are very intelligent but domestic birds like his have no skills for evading predators and need humans to provide safe, predator-proof housing. You might reach out to your neighbor and talk with him about ways that he could care for his flock (safely in an aviary).

  23. Hi! I came across your website while searching for info regarding foster placement for lost pigeons. I’m wondering if you might know of some resources you could share? Here is the situation briefly.

    I have been feeding and providing water for a white homing pigeon in my back yard for the past 5 or so days. I suspect it must have become lost after having been used in a release ceremony. It is banded. I think the band may have been reddish? The pigeon hangs around nearby and shows up for food every afternoon/eve. Today I was able to get very close, it ate from my hand. It appears to be fairly tame, but a bit cautious. I would like to get this sweetie to a foster so that she (?) can hopefully find her way back to her home again or find a new home ( I really wish I could keep her/him!). I live near the hills and we have hawks that fly through. One almost got her the other day as the pigeon saw me and flew down to the feeding area! There are also feral cats around. Yikes. The pigeon looks to be in very good health. I think I could probably catch it in another day or two of being around it, however I have a very busy work week and I probably won’t be around much so I’m concerned for her now. Do you know of anyone who could help capture her and foster her or find her home/new home? Thank you kindly. :)

  24. Hello! My father saved two baby pigeons last week who were seperated from the parents. Sadly the smaller one died, because it refused to eat. I have Thad the living one for about a week now. I believe his age is probably 7 days because he hasn’t had grown feathers yet. Im just really worried because he has been making clicking noises and I heard its from respiratory problems! Is that true? It makes me really worried.

    • Hello, Leona- Thank you for your desire to help these baby pigeons. Where are you located? Yes- that is a bad sign. If possible, I would urge you to get the survivor to WildCare in San Rafael ASAP! Their number is 415 456-SAVE.

  25. The aviary needs to be close in pigeon/ dove can not sleep where is a drafted thats why lofts is much better than aviary which is like a big cage, rule of thump they can live in cold area but must not be damp and must be well ventilated , when it rains it must not get wet inside your looks like it do

    • Pigeons do great in safe aviaries and fresh air is very beneficial to their health. (Being over-crowded into too small and dark coops on the other hand isn’t healthy.) While we love aviaries that have some exposure to rain (as pigeons love to bathe in it), we recommend (and require for our adopters) that every aviary provide a section that stays dry and shaded no matter the weather.

  26. Hello…so glad I came across this site. Are you familiar with any rescues on the East Coast – specifically in the Philadelphia, PA area? We would like to start an aviary.
    Thank you,

    • Hello! Aviaries are awesome- especially when they save the lives of rescued birds rather than support breeding and sales of birds. I’d recommend posting to and searching on Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums to find pigeon lovers in your area. I know there are many in need of rescue because of the live pigeon shoots still happening in PA (“the shame of Pennsylvania”). SHARK and the Humane Society are active in PA helping pigeons and you can find lots of folks on Facebook as well. If you haven’t already, please join our page at http://www.Facebook.com/MickaCooRescue and I can introduce you. (And please pardon the delay- we need more support to keep up with all the inquiries we receive!)

  27. I found a pigeon at work, it was thundering and raining outside and opened the door came In I was leaving to go Hone and followed me to my car. my heart melted and caught the pigeon, I called a couple rescue centers left messages also called the humane society and left my number if anyone lost their pigeon. He must be someone’s pet because he was not afraid of me. I’ve read articles of pigeons being culled and afraid if I return it something might happen, need help maybe even thinking about keeping George one of my coworkers named it. I have two dogs and a cat and fish on more pet will not make a difference. I introduced him to my Labrador retrievers and they didn’t seem to be bothered by the pigeon. I need someone’s opinion or suggestion.

    • Pigeons make wonderful pets and are not hard to take care of. You’d need to provide a nice big cage in the house & safe out of cage time daily or a predator & rodent-proof aviary outside and companionship (yours a lot or another pigeon) and you may need avian vet care to heal whatever grounded him. If he did go back into the racing system, he might well be culled (he’s a loser and damaged goods) or, even if he ‘a welcomed back, he’ll still be at risk in another race and maybe not so lucky as to find help from someone like you next time. Keep him. Take good card of him. You’ll never regret having a pigeon as a pet. Join us on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/MickaCooRescue) or visit Pigeon Talk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums to find lots of fellow rescuers of racing pigeons. Thank you for helping George!

  28. Hi there – I’m based in the UK and was brought a young fledgling pigeon by a couple of kind kids that had found it. (It probably should have been left as its parents were likely to have been near by, but the children were worried about it as the garden it was in had cats) Anyway, I ended up with ‘Smidgen’ and it wasn’t yet able to feed itself, so thanks to various pigeon rescue sites and armed with some good advice, I was able feed it for a week or so until it turned it’s beak up at my delicious pea and corn mush! Smigde then started to peck for him/herself, so quickly moved on to our cockatiel’s seed, and has since graduated to the ‘big bird’ mix!

    Smidge has been living in a big dog crate and has quickly become very close to the family, showing no fear what so ever of my three dogs. He is currently snuggled on my shoulder as I type this (I thought he was keeping an eye on what I was writing, but I just took a quick peek and his eyes are closed – he is dozing on he job!)

    I would like some advice from people with experience as to Smidge’s future. He hasn’t actually attempted to fly yet although creates quite a stir by having a big flap every now and then – So I’m sure he is more than capable! Should he be released or should I keep him on, getting him some fancy pants and a lead?

    I am more than happy do this as I have grown extremely attached to him (More so since his feather mite friends have been ‘powdered’!) However, I don’t want to ruin his life by keeping him if he was capable of surviving in the wild. Would he learn to be more fearful once outside or would the lesson come too late?

    Thank you for such a great forum and for all you animal lovers are doing for our great feathered friends!


    • Hi, Tovah- thank you so much for helping this youngster and I apologize for the delayed response. (We need more supporters to keep up with all the demand for our help!) I’d highly recommend you connect with the wonderful folks at http://www.pigeonrescue.co.uk They are fantastic. If Smidge can be rehabbed and “wilded up” and reclaim his free life, that is what we always recommend. (There are lots of unreleasable pigeons in need of homes available as pets!) But, if he is too imprinted and missed out on too much pijucation (pigeon education), he can make a wonderful pet. Please though- involve experts to help assess him and assist you. There are lots of ways a release can go wrong. Thank you again for saving Smidge. Good luck to you both!

  29. I’m on my second in my life time rescuing baby pigeons and I love them The first pair lived for several years, until she got egg bound and died. I tried everything to save her and no luck, her mate was very sad and bonded to me strongly until we lost him. This time a friend brought me 6 babies that were knocked out of their nest with the destruction of their building home site. I lost the smallest one, but the other 5 are thriving. SO just enjoying other’s feedback and input. (S) They are such intelligent birds and so fun and glad to know I’m not the only pigeon nut out there! I also have 2 baby starlings I rescued after their nest was destroyed. 3 babies were dead, but 2 were alive, no feathers yet and eyes still closed. they are 2 now and talking up a storm and think they are family (S) They say so many words and phrases and we watch what we say in front of them! So hello fellow bird lovers!

    • Hi, Michelle- Thank you so much for saving these youngsters. MickaCoo encourages folks to work with expert rehabbers in the hopes that rescued pigeons can be “wilded up” and expertly released to claim their free lives. (There are lots of unreleasable pigeons in need of homes available as pets!) Thank you again for saving them. Good luck to you all!


  31. Hi,
    My mother recently rescued a 3 month old female pigeon and she contacted the owner who said that she could keep it. My mother has since given me the pigeon and I read in your adoption application that they need special lighting to be healthy. I have been keeping her as an indoor bird and I dont have the resources at the moment to build her an outside enclosure. My question is is there a special light I can put over her crate like the kind you buy from a pet store? I want her to be healthy and I’m not sure what to do.

    • Hello, Christy- thank you (and your mom) for helping this poor orphaned pigeon. You can buy a bird-safe full-spectrum light online (most bulbs sold in pet stores are actually dangerous). We recommend this bulb and you can get more info on our Bird Care page (including an article all about avian vision and lighting).

  32. I found an injured pigeon about to get run over on the road by my house. I live in Carteret NJ and I’ve been looking for a place to take him but cant seem to find any place. …..every page I look up has nothing on injured pigeons. Please help, Thanks!

  33. I have two pigeons living on my balcony. They defend this as their territory so other pigeons can’t land here. They have a son who for a long time would just perch on the bottom iron railing looking out on the world with no desire to fly.he was pretty big but would chase his mother around for food. one day I was out sweeping the balcony and accidentally swept the pigeon and was horrified i had killed him. I went downstairs but couldn’t find his body. The next day who should come walking up the steps but my pigeon.He liked walking much better than flying. but I made him run and try to fly telling him he had a bad future if he didn’t. one night Ihad the door open and he walked right up and looked at me and then walked right in. a friend was with me and he made him leave. Then he was scared and didn’t come around.but about two weeks ago he came to the balcony again and I knew it was him because he walked and perched. so I have carefully started a relationship with him. I think he is starting to trust me again. he is in mexico and so am I. I have to go back to the States in three weeks for a month. do you think if someone puts out little treats while I’m gone he will remember me? I so enjoy him.

    • Hi, Mary Jo- I can’t say for sure whether he’ll survive (the lack of flying is worrisome) but he will definitely remember you. Pigeons are highly intelligent and have been proved to recognize and remember human faces. Thank you for your compassion and good luck to you both!

  34. Hi Everyone,
    I am so happy to find this place where people love the birds so much! I live in Oklahoma near Oklahoma City. Haven’t lived here long so don’t know people yet. I’ve tried to find a bird rescue shelter but so far don’t see one. I want to get two pigeons. I’m building a large cage so they can live inside. Actually a friend is helping me! I work with hospice patients and use sounds and smells and animals to help them feel calm and loved. Many times a patient’s family will just stop visiting when they are dying. I have one dove named Solo. His wife died in her sleep one night when they were ten years old. I was in the rooom when it happened. I had just put my hand in the cage to stroke them goodnight likeI always did. They were sitting together, wings touching like they always did. Sleeping and everything seemed normal. Then I heard that (sound) and I felt sick. I know that sound. I am blind so I went to see which one had fallen. Found her on the bottom of the cage. I took her out gentley to see if she was really dead. Put her up to my ear. No heart beat. She was so warm! You know now that is. Solo was still sleeping! I didn’t know what to do so I just took her to the table and sat with her in my hands stroking her and crying. Not for her so much. She’s in heaven! but for … Solo and, selfishly, for myself. I had a little box there and I wrapped her up in a soft cotton cloth that I was making a napkin out of. Just put her in that little box and sat it there on the table. Solo woke up. Oh dear. I hated to think what he would do.Should I show him? I just didn’t know? He went down to the bottom of his cage and he was walking around looking for her. Please don’t think I’m terrible? I just didn’t have the heart to show him her dead body Since he was asleep when it happened and everything. I called the wild life rescue where I used to live in Texas. They know me. They wouldn’t act strange about my questions. They said not to show him. That he might stop eating and drinking and die.
    Here’s what I did. I got him out. I held him and I told him she was gone to heaven. Okay. You can laugh, it’s alright. Still, animals know things. I told him he could go with her if he wanted to but I wished he’d stay with me if he could. I was new here and I didn’t want to lose both of them! It was up to him though. It always is with my animals. I have this soft pouch that I can wear around my neck and carry an animal around in it if I need to. Like for bonding or if it’s ill. I carried that dove around like that for a week. I slept with him in a carrier cage under the covers. I ate with him right there. I coaxed him to take a few seeds or a little water now and then. I thought he’d die. I held him and stroked him and cuddled him a LOT!!
    And …. I’m so happy to say, he started eating and drinking normally again, he’s still here with me!! He finally stopped looking for his wife, Harmony. Now he’s latched on to me. I know that doves mate for life and people keep saying to put another one in there with him. I’m afraid to. Besides, he’s OLD!! He’ll die sometime and then I’d have another situation like this one! So it’s just Solo and me and the canary.
    Oh my GOSH!! I just got a phone call!! I had left messages with different places. A man has too many pigeons and he’ll give me as many as I want!! They are fancy ones. He shows them. Oh dear. He wasn’t the most chatty person I’ve ever talked to, on the phone. That will change when I’m face to face with him though I’m most certain! But as soon as my cage is ready, I’ll call him. He’s going to pick out two that already know each other. If the cage is large enough he’ll give me four. Two pairs!!! I can’t stand myself I’m so excited!!!!! He says there’s not a bird rescue place around here. That’s why he’s got so many!! Can you guys celebrate with me? Even though you’re all the way in California? I know not to put Solo in with the pigeons, but he’ll be close by in his own cage! And won’t he be so happy to have some birds to talk with that are Cousins? Oh I feel like it’s Christmas time!! Only I know what Santa is bringing me!! Hahaha. Okay. It’s THANKSGIVING!!! TIME!!!!!

    • Hi, Pam- Thank you for being such a good friend to the birds. Please don’t crowd four pigeons into a two-pigeon cage. We recommend a double-flight sized cage for two pigeons (6′ long, 2′ deep and 3′ high) plus daily out of cage time. (Some would crowd more in but it is stressful and unhealthy for the birds.) And don’t forget about pigeon birth control! There are far too many pigeons in need of homes to permit breeding. Read more at Pigeon Family Values. Perhaps you can inspire the breeder to stop breeding and start rescuing too. That way he’d solve two problems- there would be a pigeon rescue and he wouldn’t have too many! And please keep Solo safe. Pigeons and doves can get along 95% of the time but one conflict can be fatal for the much smaller dove. Happy Pet Pigeons to you!

  35. Thank you for your reply Elizabeth! I want to let you know that I would never let my dove inside the cage where pigeons live. Please don’t worry. I would put his cage in a location where he would be able to see them. Also I am talking to the man who has too many birds about replacing real eggs with wooden ones to stop the increasing numbers at his house. It’s hard to tell if I’m making progress or not. He does understand the concept but being a person that shows birds he’s always trying to create the perfect combination of genetics that will win the most ribbons. You know what I am talking about I’m sure. I will continue to encourage him to change. His wife tells me he’s too old to change. We’ll see about that as time goes on. Thank you for the exact cage sizes. The friend who is helping me build my cage fell when a 16 foot ladder collapsed and he is trying to be patient while bones mend. I think we will end up with an extra roomy cage for two birds. No babies.
    There is one thing I forgot to ask about. Exactly what size do the wooden perches need to be for pigeons? We want to make sure we get that right. I’ve read different things when I try to look that up. I’m sure that you know the answer to that question.
    Thank you once again for your help and your love for these beautiful and loving birds.

  36. i foud a pigeon yesturday it has been hurt on its leg and it cant feel it when i move his leg what shuld i do. my dad said i can look after it till it gets better and im willing to do that but dont no what to feed it
    can you please help me x

  37. Hi, just this today I saw a pigeon being chased around the sky by a crow, and it flew right into my barn! I live in Alaska and I’m pretty sure pigeons are’nt native to Alaska so I picked it up and put it into are emergency bird cage. WHAT DO I DO

  38. I have a female fantail that has gotten into a fight that she lost and had both her eyes hurt she is temporary blind. I separated her from everybody and have been running water across her eyes to see if they will open back up. Am I doing the right thing and if not what should I do?


    • Hello, Wyatt- It’s good that you have separated her so that she can heal. I wouldn’t run water on her eyes as that may irritate more rather than soothe. Where are you located? She may need some expert help, either from an avian vet or at least someone with a lot of pigeon care expertise and medications on hand. How is she today? Please send some photos. It’s unusual for a hen to be injured so seriously and raise a red flag about here she is living… is the space too crowded? Is she a “third wheel” with a mated couple or ?? Please post to and search on Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums to find local help the quickest way possible.

    • I live near Dillsburg PA she was in a smaller pen with a pair of jakes. she is good today. This accident happened this past Saturday or Sunday. Saturday night I checked her and she was good. Sunday I checked around lunch and she was how she is now. And i can’t post any pictures

  39. Their is pictures on my Facebook if you would like to see them

  40. I will email them to the how ever emailed me

  41. high everyone my name is lwazi from south africa i absalutely love animals especially pigeons.About a month back i found an abanded blue butter common pigeon very young and took him in….been feeding him pigeon pelets and recently introduced him to eating maiz and other bird food because his all grown now bt i fear keeping him in the loft outside;he is too used to people and flies to any1 from time to time

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  43. We had a pigeon named baby and he had the strongest bond with my husband. They were incredible to watch….every time my husband would work on something even in early hours of the morning baby would be right there with him. Whenever my husband would let him out to fly he would always come home. He was a dancing fool that pigeon..baby! He’d always dance in front of the mirrors! Baby would always either sleep on my husband or very close by him. We raised him from a baby when he fell out of his nest. Tragically he past away due to an accident and my husband was and still is crushed and would like to find another one like he was. Baby was more than just a pigeon..it was almost like he was our baby! R.I.P. BABY! We sure do miss you!

  44. I found pigeon in a river it was stuck with rope, i brought him home and purchased a female pegion, after about 25 day the female layed pair of eggs, i fedded them well one of the egg hatches and the other did not, the main question to is that after keeping them in my house for about a month, the same cage in which they were staying now i kept it in my balcony, both the pigeon flu away will they come back?

    • Hello, Arshad- thank you for saving the pigeon from the river. I can’t say whether or not they will come back. They may try to return to their old homes or they may be killed by predators. (Pigeons depend on their wild traits and the security of a flock to survive in the wild. Pigeons that are separated from a flock and/or domestic may not survive.) In the future, please don’t breed pigeons. There are too many already in need of homes. If you have pigeons that lay eggs again, please be prepared to remove the real eggs and replace with fake eggs to prevent hatching. You can see more here at .

  45. On my moms birthday we found a little baby pigeon on one of our solar panels with a hurt wing we took him in for a couple days giving him chicken food that we had and water while his wing was healing. Currently he is all grown up as an inside bird with a huge cage in my room. He loves to waddle around on my floor and look out my window from the top of his cage. Some of his favorite places are my dresser where he yells at himself in the mirror. Or the top of my door where he relaxes and sleeps most of the time. Pigeons are wonderful and I never thought I’d be the one to own one. By the way we named him: Loopày! (:

  46. I saw a white pigeon feeding in my yard this morning. I have never seen one in Independemce, Mo before. Is there a way to tell if it is someone’s pet that got away?

    • White pigeons are domestic (the product of unnatural selective inbreeding), not wild. S/he may be someone’s lost pet or, more likely, is a white homing pigeon that was used either in racing or for a ceremony (as a “wedding release dove”) and is lost & in need of help. This bird won’t survive long in the wild. She’s an easy target for predators. If you can, lure her inside with food and give her a great home. Pigeons are smart, emotional & deserving of kindness. As we all are. Thank you for looking out for her. Good luck to you both.

  47. I found George the pigeon in September and kept him he loves our dogs and makes mating calls to our chocolate lab. I recently took in my daughters conure and moved George the pigeon next to him and now she laid a egg. I thought it was a male guess i was wrong. Lol what should i do i thought putting George next to the other bird would be a nice companion but do not want to stress my pigeon if i move her. I am worried and do not want to jepordize her health.

  48. all

    Myself and my dog misty(a collie staff) had arrive a fortnight ago a 5 year old racer who has a knackered arm, (appearing to be what I think is a cat or bird strike) I gave him a week in my dog cage, now he has run of the lounge, hall, kitchen and kitchen, he isn’t flying, but is wandering around like he owns the place, misty likes the company I think, we have named him Les, after an old friend of mine..
    his breeder has advised he stays here with us, as he is a Yeovil boy who was training and became lost. I had forgotten how funny Racers are, with their chattering when they get handled…once he gets in my hands he does hold a finger with he feet..he is as I write this standing in the hall, has roosted for a bit and had a wander now and then..most of the day he is out he has found his roosting spot…anyway I chat to him, like I do the dog and most humans…they are clever people racers…if a female drops by and he falls for her good luck to em…I will be sorting him out a small area for him to kip in outside eventually. until then, a dab of anti bac, and the hoover will be out every day ..until he realises he has to crap in the kitchen or garden…thanks for reading

  49. Thanks for the info! Apparently we have a white king that has decided to make his home at my fire station. He comes and goes as he pleases but always in the bay perched on the fire truck in the Mornings cooing :D We call him the fire chicken.

  50. I live in Maine and I really want to adopt a indoor pigeon do you know we’re I can visit and then get one?

    • I don’t have a specific resource in Maine to refer you to but I can tell you that there are pigeons everywhere in need of homes. If there’s no one doing pigeon rescue in your area, the “surplus” and homeless pigeons are likely just being killed. I’d suggest you research local pigeon-friendly resources via Pigeon Talk (www.pigeons.biz/forums) and/or through pigeon groups on Facebook, Yahoo, etc. You can see some pigeon rescues in the NE here on this map (there are more, these are just the ones I’ve added so far) and, if the nearest are too far away, you can ask them to refer you to others that they may know of. Thank you for making adoption your option!

  51. There is a pigeon at my work that stays in front of one of the buildings. The pigeon has only one leg. It looks like someone has been feeding it. Should I leave the pigeon be or try to take it to my home? It’s located in a very busy city that’s very warm in the summer. Thanks.

    • Hello, Michelle- thank you for noticing this bird’s plight and for your compassion. I couldn’t say without more info whether this bird is capable of managing in the wild or if he needs to be rescued. If he is missing a leg, he probably can’t survive long in the wild (but could live well as a pet). If he is only missing a foot, he may be fine (and have a mate and be raising babies). I’d recommend you look online to find some pigeon-friendly rescuer or rehabber in your area to help you make the determination. Someone who knows pigeons needs to observe this bird to determine his condition. You can find pigeon-friendly rescuers on Pigeon Talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums as well as in many pigeon groups on Facebook. Look for a local pigeon person to help you help this pigeon. (If you need to, you can ask for referrals from area wildlife rehabbers, feed stores and avian vets. Good luck to you both!

  52. Hello, my daughter and husband rescued an injured pigeon who couldn’t walk or fly. They brought it home and fed it. They think that he/she would recover on its own but I convinced them to take it to a vet. There is some Aussie regulation (we are in Australia) about wild life and the vet wanted to cull it. Only gave back the pigeon to us after we said that we’ll pay ($30) for having some pain relief for the pigeon. Poor thing cannot even walk. He/she sits in one corner, sometimes moves a little bit, eats (bird seed) and drinks and poops. Sometimes it would make a woo sound if anyone tries to get too near. He/she sits in a big open tray in our laundry room. We’ve had him for two weeks. I feel sorry for him/her and wonder if he/she is being killed slowly by our kindness? Should we just keep him/her even if it can never walk or fly again. Is he/she suffering? What can we do make his/her life better?

    • Hello, Saima- thank you to you and your family for helping this poor pigeon. I’d need a lot more information to be able to advise you on the this pigeon’s needs. I can tell you that we have seen pigeons with very disabling conditions heal as well as others who, with a few special accommodations, go on to live happy lives despite their disability. Here’s the story of a pigeon named Ava who couldn’t stand up but, after a couple of months, made a full recovery. Your pigeon at minimum needs a soft, cushy surface (folded towel) to sit on, needs to be picked up (to relieve pressure on the legs, have bottom cleaned, get a chance to move a little). He’d love a good size mirror and enjoy having a view outside and some sunshine. The fact that he woos at you means he’s getting more comfortable and confident with you. (He’d be silent if terrified.) Please- find a pigeon-knowledgeable rescuer in your area (via Pigeon talk at http://www.pigeons.biz/forums or in a Facebook or Yahoo pigeon group) who can meet this pigeon and give you more insight into what the problem(s) are and what the bird needs. Thank you very much for your compassion. It’s very possible that, with your help, this pigeon can either recover, or live well as a pet.

  53. Hi, I am from New York City and its very hot out. I just found a baby pigeon on the roadside under a car and didn’t want to let it die. I have no experience. I went to pet store to seek any idea how to handle pigeons but they have no answer. Please tell me what to do. So desperate.

    • Thank you very much for helping this baby pigeon! Please contact Wild Bird Fund or Empty Cages Collective (both in NYC, both help pigeons!).

      Wild Bird Fund
      565 Columbus Avenue
      New York, NY 10024
      between 87th and 88th Streets

      Empty Cages Collective
      P.O. Box 820
      New York, NY 10026
      Phone: (800) 880-2684

      Good luck to you both.
      Thank you for your compassion!

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  55. Our neighbor got married and released homing pigeons. Three of the 4 pigeons flew to our home and have been here for 3 days. We were told the pigeons would fly home. We have a water source for the birds and we have been feeding them. We can’t get more than about 3 to 4 feet from them. They are very interested in us. We have a huge cage that could be used as an aviary if they decide to stay. If they do stay, how do we get close enough to get the birds in the cage? I’m giving them time to go back home, but beginning to think they like it here. I read where they couldn’t live in the wild, so I’m worried. We have a cat and raccoons around our yard. So I don’t want anything to happen to them. They are living on top of our solarium/sunroom, and at night they get as close to the brick of our house as possible. I’m worried about storms and them not having shelter. I saw where they needed to eat to be strong enough to fly home. They seem to be just fine. We love animals, so letting them stay isn’t an issue to us. What should I do?

    • Thank you for looking out for these pigeons. You are right. They are not safe out in the world. They are domestic birds with no real survival skills. Please read through the care articles on the Birds tab & look at the FAQs. You need to learn what makes a safe & appropriate aviary for pigeons & how to draw them into safety. I can’t teach all that here. You can find a pigeon-lover in your area to help you by posting on Pigeon Talk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums and/or through the pigeon rescue groups on Facebook (there are many). Good luck to you & these pigeons. Thank you for your compassion. I hope that you are able to save them.

  56. I have two pairs of pegions … I have got a nice big cage made for both the couples.. One of them mated and laid two eggs..the other pair male keeps pecking on d female’s head all d time ..so badly that it has these injury marks.. Y would he do that.. Should I put them in separate cages

    • Yes- something is wrong. The cage may be too small for 4 pigeons and the male is punishing his hen for not keeping her distance from the other male. Or she may be weak or injured and he is frustrated. You do need to separate this couple from the other in order to reduce the tension & violence. And please get expert assistance from someone local to help you. If you allow those eggs to hatch, the baby pigeons need to be protected from non-parental adults plus you will need even more space. We have a big responsibility- life & death- when caring for captive pigeons. They are completely dependent on us for their well being. You can find pigeon experts near you by looking on Pigeon Talk at http://www.Pigeons.biz/forums and Pigeon & Dove Rescue International on Facebook. Good luck to you & your pigeons. Thank you for being compassionate.

  57. I recently found an injured pigeon hopping around my neighborhood. I haven’t found any other injuries. He cannot fly so I brought him home with me. what is the ideal way of handling this situation? I have no experience with birds but I cant just let him go wounded like this. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hello, Desiree- Thank you for helping this pigeon. You need to find a pigeon-friendly expert (whether a wildlife rescue, private rescuer or avian vet) local to where you are at to assess & assist him. Injured birds need expert help. You can find more info on our Resources page and you can also find pigeon rescuers from all over the world on Pigeon Talk (www.Pigeons.biz/forums) as well as on Facebook (there are many pigeon rescue groups). Please find a local pigeon-friendly expert to help you help this pigeon ASAP. Thank you for your compassion.

  58. About a year ago a white & brown pigeon showed up at my shop. As it got colder I let him in got the winter. It spend the winter months in my 2800sf shop. In March he wanted to go out do I lef him out everyday and he always came back at dusk. In April he was shot with a pellet and missing for 2 days. He came home walking on the 3rd day dragging his wing. Of course I brought him to the vet and had his wing reset. Unfortunately the pellet can not be removed it way to deep. It passed thru his wing and into his body. It took a couple months but he back to flying and wants to go out everyday. He has joined up with a local flock and spends the day sitting on roof tops and flying with them. Lately he started staying out at night and then coming home 4 or 5 days then stays out again. Guess he’s finding a mate?

  59. About 4 months ago i got 2 abandoned pigeons they were about a month old.raised them up and poor them outside in a large coop. In the beginning they were friendly to myself others and each other in time they no longer liked others only me and shortly after what i assumed was the male begun his dancing and cueing and got rather unfriendly. The other startedthe same days later.i thought she was female tho. They fight adj the time now and I’ve begun to let them out in hope they will be happier free. This male stay s unfriendly The other comes ti mt hand. To get back in. Just be be beat back up by the male again. I’ve also got2 4 mounth olds in my house also raised up from young and have started the same process. My question is can put my females togethet and reliese my males or cage the males outside idk what to do ill be moving soon and dont know that ill be able to keep anyof themoutside please help thxmandy t

    • Hi, Mandy- Thank you for trying to help these pigeons. Pigeons are super smart, emotional and complicated creatures. I always recommend that young pigeons get expert care from pigeon-friendly rescuers rather than be kept by the kind-but-new-to-pigeons people that find them. (Sometimes it works out but too often the birds suffer from our inexperience, despite our good intentions.) Based on this very little bit of information, there’s not much I can tell you except that you should find a local, pigeon-friendly expert who can help you learn more about the birds. Not knowing the set up that you have, I can’t tell you if they are safe in it. (Many times people create coops that are not predator-proof and the birds are maimed or killed inside them.) Not knowing the birds, I can’t tell you if they are releasable or if they are too imprinted. Or if these are even wild pigeons? (There are lots of kinds of pigeons- wild and domestic- and different kinds have different needs.) Regarding their change in behaivor, the birds were sweet when they were babies because that’s how baby pigeons are. Now they are growing up and asserting their independence. Regarding the conflict, there could be several reasons. Perhaps they are both male or perhaps the space is too small or ? And now you’re adding more pigeons to an already uncertain situation. Please find and get some local expert help! There are pigeon-friendly rescuers everywhere. You can find a lot of info on our Resources page, you can find help at Pigeon Talk (www.pigeons.biz/forums) and there are pigeon rescue groups from all over the world on Facebook. Thank you again for wanting to help these pigeons. Please get the support of an expert to help you.

  60. Hi! 3 days back a very young pigeon (I am guessing less than 10-12 days…) end up in our back yard. How? I have no clue… Anyway, ever since we have been trying to take care of the little one and hand feed it and give water etc (Thank God for You Tube and internet…one can learn pretty much anything :-)). Anyway, our goal is to see it grow up healthy and get back to the open skies where it belongs and not get stuck with us.

    We are not caging it but have brought it inside to keep it safe till it becomes big enough to be self reliant. Are we doing the right thing or do we need to look for a bird adoption center and give it there. Please advise.

    • Hello, Kavi- thank you for helping this pigeon but please- find an expert in rehab and release to care for and prepare this youngster for living wild and free. By caring for it yourselves, you are creating a bird that will be dependent on humans and need protection and a home for the next 15 years. Please- find a pigeon-friendly wildlife rehab & release expert ASAP so that this youngster can learn to be a pigeon and reclaim her wild life. Here’s a few that I know of in the US but they are all over if you look for them! Thank you for your compassion. Good luck to you and to this pigeon.

  61. I want to start a pigeon colony in my yard. I live in Canada. How do I go about obtaining some pigeons to start the colony? Is there a place that cells them? I am looking to get the largest pigeons similar to the ones that I used to raid before I immigrated to Canada.

    • Hello, Hatem-

      Thank you for being a lover of pigeons but please do not buy any pigeons to breed. There are too many that are suffering and dying for lack of proper homes as well as being hunted and shot for fun. Also, domestic pigeons need to be protected in a predator & rodent-proof aviary. (They aren’t safe just living in a yard.)

      Here is a link to a facebook group- Pigeon & Dove Rescue International that could help you find pigeons to rescue in Canada.

      Or perhaps you just want to feed the wild pigeons in your area… that would be a compassionate thing to do and you’d have a colony visiting your yard all day every day.

      Good luck to you!


  62. Hi! I just saw a pigeon yesterday outside my balcony we caught it and put it in this basket. I kniw that someone owns it since it had a pendant at its foot but we still really want to keep it as a pet. We just keep him in the cage the whole day because we’re scared that if we let him go he will come back to his home and I don’t know if that’s bad but we really want to keep him as a pet. He usually just stares in his cage and doesn’t eat or drink. We want to engage him in more activites but he still doesn’t know us. I don’t know why can you help me? And the next question is that we just caught him/her alone so we don’t know if he/she will die of depression or lonliness. It’s not a baby pigeon its actually a grown one.

    • Hello, Sofia-

      Thank you for writing and asking for information about this pigeon’s needs. The fact that you were able to catch this pigeon means he does need help but the life you describe would not be appropriate.

      Pigeons are extremely smart, emotional and complex creatures. This pigeon needs expert help and a proper life with a safe and big enough aviary and the company of other birds, not to be kept standing in a small cage because you want a pet.

      Think of this pigeon like a person. This pigeon has his own needs. You wouldn’t want anyone to catch you and keep you confined in a small basket.

      The fact that he’s not eating (plus the fact that you were able to catch him) means he’s very injured, ill or both.

      Where are you located? Without proper help, this pigeon will likely die. And, if you were to let him go, he is not likely to live long enough to be able to get home.

      This pigeon needs proper help from someone who know about pigeons and cares about them.

      Where are you located? I’ll see if I can find you and this poor bird some help.

      Thank you for your compassion.

  63. I just lost my white racing homing pigeon, Angel, this morning very suddenly and without warning. I found her in 2002, on a very busy street in the city. At the time, her wings had been clipped drastically – two thirds. I never clipped her wings while she was mine. I’ve had many pets over the years and Angel was probably my favorite. She was affectionate and gentle. She had a habit of spreading a wing across my chest (like she was hugging me) when I took her out of her cage. I will miss her more than I can say.

    • Oh, Mary. I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you for rescuing her & giving her so many years of love. She was so lucky to find you!

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  65. I have a question. I have a lone pigeon I posted the info back in aug. He flys during the day with a local flock. Today I noticed what they call a pigeon fly on him. What should I use to get rid of those.

  66. I just wanted to speak on my experience with the pigeons, I live in Chicago.il , one dead cold morning I ho out my backdoor where a vyadock leads, there a baby pigeon frozen to death, I look around and on the ledges are many pigeons little eyes begging for compassion, I’ve been feeding them going on 2 years, fallen in love with them very worried if I’ll be able to continue buying their seed, I spend about $40 a month, those pigeons know me, but it’s getting harder to feed them as I found that we have a law to let them starve, it breaks my heart and I pray each day to sneak and feed s d water them they will fine $500 plus 6 months in jail,I’m in a rock and hard place, I think I’m being watched,since a man caught me feeding and he shouted “are you feeding the pigeons! So I’m still trying to find the time to sneak too feed them, this morning someone at the end of the vyadock had a camera not sure he was trying to take my picture or just taking pictures anyway the as I walked pretending I was on my way the pigeons know me and flick around me I think I hurt them by going another way without feeding them, the babies were chirping hungry and the pigeons surely confused why did I ad kid not feed and water them I left instead came back 3 hours hurried and poured out their food and water, I also see where many are being attacked perhaps by rats. I cry about ehat they’re going through, having people hate them and denying them water and food calling g them flying rats, they are beautiful birds and they are very friendly just needing to be loved and cared for, I wish there were more people who looked at their struggle, now it’s really gonna get cold, sometimes I wished I’d never seen this as its so hard for me yo turn my back on them, what will happen to them anyway I’m just sad about it all, God put them here how sny one makes a law to starve a friendly creature is evil.

  67. Hi,
    My husband and I recently had a racing pigeon living on our porch for almost 2 weeks. It isn’t hurt as I have seen it fly, then it always returns around 5 pm and will stay on the porch until morning. It will walk around the driveway and around our yard and our neighbors yard. We have given him water and set out rice for him. We aren’t able to read the band on his foot because , well , I was scared if I should get close to it. Are they typically friendly if its a racing pigeon? Once we do learn the band number, is it true that usually when returned the owner kills it ? because clearly if its been on our porch for 2 weeks , it didnt do a good job at the race ( what i’ve read online ) any information or help i’d love

    • Hello, Belinda-

      Pigeons are totally harmless. They are gentle creatures who are preyed upon by hawks, owls, cats, racoons, rats and terribly abused and misued by humans.

      This pigeon is attempting what we call self-rescue.

      Please read this- Racing Pigeon Hanging Around, What Should I Do?

      This pigeon needs a safe, non-exploitative home. He’s already living on borrowed time outside alone and unprotected from predators. (Wild pigeons get all their security from being part of a flock. Domestic pigeons such as this one need protection.)

      Where are you located? You can post on our Facebook page and get help from a pigeon rescuer in your area.

      Thank you for noticing his plight. Thank you for your compassion.


  68. Hello-
    I’m reaching for some advise on how to proceed. I am a science teacher in nj and fellow teachers found a racing pigeon in the courtyard of our school. After contacting the owners via information in the birds bands, it was discovered that the bird was in a race this past weekend in ny and must have gotten lost. The owners don’t seem too interested in coming to get it and asked if one of us wanted to keep it. My co-workers turned to me because I have a house full of adopted animals. I am very willing to take on this new and exciting responsibility but don’t know where to start. I have experience with dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, geckos and bearded dragons. I have. 2 parakeets throughout my life. But this would be a first bird of this kind. My goal would be to have this bird has an indoor pet. I have plenty of space for a large cage but do not know how large it needs to be. I have been doing research about food. The bird will have plenty of time outside of the cage, but I’ve read a lot about having a companion. Once I learn how to take care of this pigeon, I’d love to adopt a companion for it so it is not alone. Can someone please steer me in the right direction.

  69. Hi, we have had a pigeon in our warehouse at work, today the men were going to kill it, until I came to the rescue.. I’ve named him George for his time with me. I’ve tried to contact his owner but I’m not having much look, he’s part of the NPA. So he’s not a racing pigeon, but he has got a poorly wing. He dosnt look in pain.. He’s pretty content in a open box in my living room. What I want to know is, I’ve saved this pigeons life and I don’t want to give him back if he’s going to be killed as id rather pay for him to be fixed up and he can live with me. Is this what they do to poorly show birds just kill them?

  70. Hi , over two years ago a pigeon shows up lands on my truck, stayed around but we never fed him but he would scare my Granddaughters ( they were a little frightened by him ) Around The 5th or 6 th month Of this bird hanging around I boxed it up carried him away 60 plus miles from our home….He returned in side the same month…. Decided to start feeding him because he came back ….he loves it here and the GrandChildren love him now and so do our Friends….

  71. I have often found wild pigeons who have been injured or become ensnared in human rubbish and developed infections. I have done my best to look after these birds and help them recover. Often I have kept them in my house until they were well, feeding the bread, seeds and growing chickweed for this purpose.

    When I have asked for help or advice from vets I received a very unenthusiastic or sometimes hostile response. “there are too many wild pigeons, no shelters will take them in, the best thing you can do is to put them out of their misery” – this from people who have dedicated their lives to looking after animals.

    I won’t lie, pigeons are not the smartest pets I’ve kept (those were rats), but they are beautiful birds and very loyal, once you establish a bond with them they will come back to you, the remember people and respond differently to people they know and trust. I’ve had wild birds I treated come back and snuggle against me of their own free will even though they could once again fly and I would have fed them regardless of whether they were friendly to me or not.

    I know we have a problem with too many stray dogs, too many feral cats, let’s not even mention wild rats, squirrels, etc. I know that wild pigeons are “a problem”, but I don’t understand people having a problem with those who want to help them. Tell me, if you saw a duck with a broken wing, wouldn’t you want to help it? What makes a pigeon less valuable? in some places certain types of ducks have become regarded as pests since they drive off indigenous water fowl… but take a wild duck with a sore wing to a vet and see how they differently they react.

  72. Hello and thank you so much for the information provided. I am a teacher, I have four dogs, adopted from a shelter, and two cats, that I raised shortly after they were born. For the past few months, I have been feeding six wild pigeons, that fly over the school parking lot. I am truly amazed, how they not only know me, but know my car. Every morning, they land in front of my car, and patiently wait for me. One of them, as soon as he sees me, ( I think he is male), walks to meet me, and then follows me. I find them absolutely beautiful. I find myself taking time on my days off, to drive to the school, and feed them. I have found new friends on these very civilized and kind animals. Again, thank you for your page and caring for them.

  73. I’ve never cared for pigeons. However, late last summer, two pigeons took up residence here, and we began feeding and watering them. Now we have seven pigeons in the extended family. Our newest addition is a white pigeon with light gray mottling and charcoal tail feathers. I’ve named the pigeon Moby. We often sprinkle bird seed on the open windowsill, and we’ll have up to four pigeons eating there at any one time. So far, only one has flown into the house (Juliette, who has an unusual white feather racing stripe on one wing). I had to climb up on the ladder, gently grasp her, and help her back out. She continues to visit the windowsill, though. We enjoy these pigeons immensely, and I have a feeling they’re going to be permanent residents, as nine months have already (ahem!) flown by. These are, of course, feral pigeons. At least they used to be!

  74. Birds have been ignored because dogs and cats are much too advertised for adopting. Few people care about birds since they’re not that expressive. I know people that have no problem eating a pigeon (there are restaurants that serve it), but would obviously never eat a dog.

    All the more so I salute your initiative, pigeons feel and need love too, everyone who owned one knows this.

  75. My children found an injured pigeon she has been with us for almost five years never locked up always free running of the house sleeps with our cats and dog or in my daughters bed. Loves music or anything playing music. She dances too it. I wouldn’t ever get another bird after having a pigeon its so amazing how tame she got so fast … I personally didn’t know what to do she constantly tested to bit but after she realized it wasn’t hurting us she settled down. She’s amazing for being born in the wild.

  76. My husband found this baby pigeon on the sidewalk on 7/19/2017. Turn out to be a Rock Dove and we love her. We first had a room for her and now she had the whole house, live happily with our 2 dogs and cat!!! I am 71 years old, from France (where we love pigeons!!)!, retired and got plenty of time on my hands so she is never alone, her name is Mai (sweet in Japanese). Pigeons are smart, loving, sweet little creature. Made little beds upstair and downstair on high shelves, she loves it. Everynight at 8 pm she waits with the dogs for my husband to come home and flies on his shoulder, amazing. She flies us outside and always stays close. I want to thank you for all the information I got from your website, didn’t know nothing about pigeon. Got pigeon pants, she also goes potty at the same place otherwise. Thank you, will open a website we love pigeons.

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