What are Pigeon Pants?

Rescued, unreleasable pigeons (of which there are so many) make great indoor pets. They are smart, good natured, easy going and quickly learn household routines. They bring lots of fun and happiness to your life. Pigeons, with a little patience, usually become very tame and friendly living indoors with you. And, thanks to pigeon pants, you can live together very comfortably! They don’t have to always be confined to a cage and instead can join you around the house. Pigeons prefer to be naked but they are very good sports about wearing pants and adjust quickly.  Read more about pants for pigeons.

Rescued king pigeon and MickaCoo volunteer

King pigeon Yuzu with his adopter Shae

Volunteer reassuring king pigeon at first outreach event

Cheryl talking to Takla

How to Put Pants on a Pigeon

Where to Buy Pigeon Pants (Please tell them Palomacy sent you!)

A. Fulmer Artistry

The Bird Boutique

Pampered Poultry (Extra Small Size)



Important Note: When out of doors, never “walk” your leashed pigeon. Keep him safe in your arms, protected from dogs, cats, hawks, getting spooked and lost, etc., relying on the leash only as back up in case of an emergency.


  1. What size pants would an average pigeon wear?

  2. Pigeon Pants sizes depend on who is making and selling them. I would recommend working directly with your source to make sure that the pants you purchase will fit your pigeon. (Loosely, I think of Rollers, Tumblers, Ferals and small Homers as wearing small with Kings wearing large but there can be a lot of variation amongst birds. I’ve seen small Kings and large Homers.)

  3. Why aren’t pigeon pants recommended for doves?

    • Doves are much more delicately built and usually more squirmy than pigeons and putting pants on and off them risks injuring them. Fortunately their poops are typically smaller and dryer than pigeons and so pants aren’t really needed.

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  5. My step mom is afraid of birds. I’ve tried previously to slowly introduce the topic but she won’t let me. Do you know of anyway to show her how amazing they are? Thanks.

    • Hi, Anne- A lot of people are, it’s very common. I’d suggest starting out from a perspective of empathy… What is something that you are afraid of? Snakes? Spiders? Mean kids? Fear is a strong emotion & it deserves sensitivity. Before you try to lessen her fear, seek to understand it. When did she first notice it? What are her concerns? Is she willing to partner with you to learn about birds & maybe at some point meet one? Watch a good PBS Nature show about birds together. Go on a bird watching walk together. Visit someone who has a pet bird & just let your step-mom be there, don’t force her to confront her fear head on if she’s not ready. (Remember how it feels when you’re faced with what you’re afraid of.) Pigeons & doves are particularly gentle (and completely harmless) & so maybe, with patience, your step-mom might be willing to meet one. Where are you located? Good luck to you both!

  6. Pigeons do make great pets and they are much smarter than most people give them credit for!

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