Friends of SFACC Grant Sustains MickaCoo’s Work

Thank You to Our Friends of SFACC!

Thank You to Our Friends of SFACC!

For the fifth straight year (and in the very nick of time), Friends of SFACC has awarded MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue a generous grant “for expenses related to the care and medical procedures for animals placed with our organization from San Francisco Animal Care & Control”.

In 2013, MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue cared for more than 40 birds from SF Animal Care & Control (SFACC), including 10 new intakes (all of whom were sick and/or special needs) and we also provided direct service to eight San Francisco residents to assist birds they found in distress (keeping them out of the shelter system). We also work to provide support to SFACC staff and volunteers in their care for birds being served by the shelter. (Please see Helping Animal Shelters to Help Pigeons & Doves to learn more.) 

When birds like Rumi, Gemini and Mighty & Minnie need help beyond what SFACC can offer, MickaCoo provides transportation, foster care, avian vet treatment and adoption service.


Baby Rumi being picked up from SFACC


Mighty & Minnie developed respiratory infections and needed rescue


SFACC housed Gemini for 10 weeks & MickaCoo took him in when he needed more time

In August, SFACC director Rebecca Katz wrote about our partnership,

MickaCoo is one of the most committed and dedicated rescue groups with whom we have had the pleasure to work. In large part, through their efforts, we have a renewed appreciation for the unique character and needs of these birds coming into the shelter, especially in contrast to cats and dogs with which the general public has much greater familiarity.

Through our combined efforts, we are able to assess the medical, behavioral and social needs for the birds SF/ACC receives and every effort is made to put the bird up for adoption or transfer to rescue. With MickaCoo as a partner, hundreds of birds have been adopted into loving homes or serve as “ambassadors” at classes, outreach and other educational venues. The most rewarding outcome of MickaCoo’s involvement is that our pigeon and dove euthanasia figures have dropped significantly.

In their March Newsletter, Co-Presidents Jane Tobin and Lisa Stanziano write, “Each year, Friends of SFACC awards small grants to local rescue partners. This year, Friends was able to help 18 bay area rescue partners with grants totaling $49K. The award is based on the number of animals rescued from ACC in the past year (2013) and the finanical need of the organization.”

We are deeply grateful to the Friends of SFACC for their generous support. Thanks to their grant, we will be here ready to help birds that no one else can. We need more friends like Friends of SFACC!

MickaCoo Volunteer Cheryl at FSFACC' 20th Annual Pet Pride Day in SF

MickaCoo Volunteer Cheryl at FSFACC’ 20th Annual Pet Pride Day in SF

MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue provides direct service, both to shelters and citizens, in seven counties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as education and referral assistance in support of birds all over the US and beyond. Please help us help birds by making a tax-deductible donation today. DONATE


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