Sunshine Makes a Difference

Laura Ann Quills Young Sunshine Prism

Sunshine makes a difference

Guest post by Laura Lee

Sunshine took our world by storm. On a frigid Canadian winter’s day, Sunshine was rescued by our special friend Bob. How something so sweet could be found alone in a garbage can, I will never know. I had no previous experience with baby pigeons but I have a trained ear now for their disinctive ‘squeak’. Bob gave me Sunshine but both of us knew it was unlikely the chick would live. My boyfriend chose the name Sunshine for the little squeaker because of the brilliant yellow fuzzies that covered the baby’s body. I felt at the time that every single day Sunshine stayed with us was a gift while hoping for the best and expecting the worse.

Sunshine Laura Lee FIRST EVER open eye photo

Sunshine opens his eyes for the very first time

Sunshine had the unlikely company of my Society Finches who even tried their ‘beak’ at feeding him. My pet white doves were also excited to welcome this yellow fuzzy baby even though he rapidly grew larger than they were!

Laura Lee pearl and Sunshine chick

Foster dove mom Pearl nurtured baby Sunshine

Sunshine showed a strong character even before his eyes opened. I told Bob and his wife Debbie how this amazing little bird grew up, feathered out and chased toys up and down the hallway. Tragically Bob passed away before he could see the vibrant bundle of healthy energy and love Sunshine had become. Sunshine is a daily reminder to us of the incredible people Bob and his wife Debbie are. Anyone who has seen Sunshine play fetch with his ball or watched him having a party in his splash pool cannot help but smile. And that happiness we all feel is because Bob believed every bird makes a difference.

Bob never got to see Sunshine grow into the vibrant healthy pigeon we know and love. Sunshine wants to say thank you to his rescuer by doing what Bob loved best- spreading awareness of the needs of birds… Without Bob there would have been no Sunshine.

To thank you for helping pigeons, Sunshine has created a very special gift set: Introducing Palomacy Awareness Ribbons!  Sunshine will send one of his handmade satin Palomacy Awareness Ribbons to the first 50 donors who give to Palomacy on 5/13/15 through GlobalGiving! They come in three different designs, each with a high quality lapel pin.

Sunshine Laura Ann Quills Palomacy Ribbons 1

Sunshine working on his Palomacy Awareness Ribbons

Laura Ann Quills Palomacy Ribbons Quills Approves

Quills inspects each ribbon

Sunshine Palomacy Ribbon IMG_1956

Sunshine’s Palomacy Awareness Ribbons are ready!

And there’s more! Sunshine would also like to give you a handmade bookmarker with a silk tassel and little, tiny ringable bell. They are made from pictures of Palomacy diplomats such as Bell and Dylan and Amelio as well as one of baby Sunshine and one of rescue dove Queen Quills! Which one would you like?

Sunshine Bookmarks Laura Lee IMG_1875

Sunshine’s Palomacy bookmarks

Still not sure you are going to make a donation to Palomacy right now?  Sunshine is a persistent little guy and he wants to give you yet another thank you gift… a Palomacy dove fridge magnet!

Sunshine Fridge Magnet

Sunshine’s Palomacy fridge magnet

All expenses including printing, ornamental pins for the handmade satin ribbons, dove magnets, shipping and handling – everything… will be paid by Sunshine. That is how important it is to Sunshine to thank Bob for rescuing him- and to thank you for helping Palomacy rescue more pigeons and doves and find them forever homes. Help Palomacy bring more ‘Sunshines’ into our lives.

Help Sunshine prove the difference one pigeon can make! Please donate to Palomacy during GlobalGiving’s Bonus Match on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

On Wednesday, May 13th, 2015, every donation made to Palomacy via GlobalGiving (up to $1000) will receive a bonus match from the $75,000 fund and the first 50 donors will receive this super, extra special thank you inspired and created by Sunshine whose life was saved by Bob Johnston.

Bob Johnston was a very active bird advocate and he and his wife served as leaders in the Parrot Community in Ontario. Bob passed away six weeks after he rescued Sunshine, a year ago this May 12th, 2015. Bob’s wife Debbie says there is nothing Bob would have enjoyed more than the gift of Sunshine’s ribbons helping promote awareness of Palomacy, helping birds. Download Bob’s article “Your Future – Your Pet”

Debbie Bob and Indigo

Debbie and Bob with Indigo

Laura Lee, along with Sunshine, Quills, and lots of other feathery friends lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario and is employed by Pawistive Products as their sole bird handler caring for ducks, doves and a large flock of parrots. She has worked in Equador at a rescue center for illegally trapped parrots and in Africa with endangered birds. Laura writes, “After sharing my life with my doves and pigeons, I really want to give back to these amazing and often misunderstood birds. I’ve read about how the Dickin Medal was awarded to 32 pigeons for saving lives in WW1 and WW2. Still more than not people treat them mean – yet don’t mind exploiting pigeons’ talents if it suits them. Palomacy promotes awareness of how special doves and pigeons truly are and how they can become loved family members. Following Palomacy’s posts on Facebook has given me a chance to learn more their work, volunteers, community involvement – and the sweet precious birds in their care. I want to help any way I can to be apart of such a valuable cause.”

Laura Lee with Jazzy and Indigo

Laura with Bob and Debbie’s parrots Jazzy & Indigo

Sunshine at play

UPDATE: Thanks to Laura & Sunshine & all of your support, on 5/13/15, we raised a much-needed $7632 (our best Bonus Day ever)! Thank you for helping Palomacy to help birds!


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